According to police, the husband killed his wife at an airport in Utah after returning from vacation.

Sean Christopher Starr John, 38, was arrested on Monday for murdering his spouse in a parking lot at Salt Lake City International Airport. The couple recently returned home with their young child, according to a reservation affidavit obtained by KSL.

Salt Lake police, who confirmed the surveillance footage, said Sean Sturgeon had placed the child in the backseat.

After a while, according to the network, he grabbed the steering wheel, moved forward, hit his wife, and went another 10 feet before the vehicle stopped.

Statement of Salt Lake City police The department states: “Immediately after the crash [Shawn] The sturgeon drove his car to the payment booth at the airport with his wife seriously injured, where he sought help. “

Rescuers later took Charlotte Sturgeon to the hospital, where she died despite on-site efforts to save her life.

The statement continued: “Because [Shawn] The sturgeon drove from the garage to the payment booth in the parking lot, and SLCPD established two crime scenes to document and collect evidence.

“There was no impact on airport operations or air travel related to this incident or investigation.

Sean Sturgeon was charged with “alcoholic drug car murder negligence DUI”. Newsweek Review of inmate information on the Salt Lake County Prison website.

Newsweek I contacted SLCPD for comment.

Police handouts show Salt Lake City police cars in response to the April 4, 2022 incident at the city’s international airport. Police said they had arrested a 38-year-old man who had fatally attacked his wife in an SUV.
Salt Lake City Police / Handouts

According to the Utah Highway Safety Authority, there were 62,074 car accidents on state public roads in 2018. As a result, 25,645 people were injured and 260 died that year.

In 2018, crash Occurs every 8 minutes in Utah, killing people as a result of vehicle-related collision Every 33 hours.

Newsweek Many cases have been previously reported where people have run out of their partners.Earlier this month, men reportedly Overrun His girlfriend and her daughter at a gas station in Florida.

According to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, 29-year-old Nicholas Shaw drove back to Stuart’s home and stopped at DeLand’s BP gas station. She told police that the child’s mother had quarreled with her on her way home.

Following the debate, the show was allegedly overrun by his girlfriend, who was later assessed as having suffered a non-life-threatening injury.