If you’re planning a summer vacation trip, it may be time to book your trip. With the pandemic restrictions lifted, the travel industry is beginning to recover.

AAA hosted a travel show in Costa Mesa on Sunday to help Southern California residents plan.

Many visitors to the travel show can list canceled trips.

“Ireland, Scotland,” said traveler Linda Lady.

“Germany and Hawaii, I had to cancel,” said Patte Alms.

Thousands of enthusiastic travelers like them headed to Costa Mesa, ready to take the vacation they had been waiting for.

“I’m 75 years old, but I don’t know how long it’s been,” says Sharon A. Cattlett. “I am traveling as soon as possible and as much as possible.”

The trip is expected to take off this year as people take advantage of the lack of pandemic restrictions.

“We expect 150% more passengers to fly this year compared to last year,” said AAA spokesman Doug Shupe.

Even the high gas prices this year can’t stop people planning road trips.

“52% of Americans plan at least one road trip this summer,” Shupe said.

Here are the top three AAA travel tips:

  • Book your trip as soon as possible,
  • Consider travel insurance,
  • Work with your travel advisor.

These advisors will be thrilled to return to it after a two-year light trip during the pandemic.

“It was a very scary time for me, for example,’Gee, I hope I have a job,'” said AAA adviser Carolyn Vandenberg.

Vandenberg said he lost almost all of his clients in 2020, but now he’s making up for it.

“The world is open, so the phone is ringing again!” She said.

She also emphasized the importance of good insurance policies for those trips.

“At this point, we recommend” canceling “for some reason, which allows you to get back 80% or 100%,” Vandenberg said.

Travelers who had to cancel in 2020 learned the lesson themselves.

“I have never taken out travel insurance,” Lady said. “This year.”

And now that the worries are gone, people are ready for a new adventure.

“The pandemic has done a lot to travel, and we’re happy to be able to travel now,” Catlet said.