Mothers in London spend their maternity leave traveling around the world with their babies as part of an eight-month backpacking trip. North London’s mother, Millie Godwin, is now on an epic journey with her seven-month-old daughter Poppy in half of the South American world.

With his partner Stu, 32, an Australian engineer, the family has already traveled to the bottom of South America. Millie, 30, a midwife of the NHS MyLondon: “Stu and I are always crazy about traveling. Whether you’re cycling Indonesia or rock climbing in Mallorca, we’re mostly trip Adventure together. I felt that maternity leave was a great opportunity to travel and deepen ties with my baby. ”

Couples keeping family trips up to date Instagram, Originally it was planned to leave when Poppy was 6 weeks old. However, due to shock health problems, the family trip was delayed.

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Millie says she loves to open poppies to new foods, sights and smells

“Our plan was to start the trip six weeks after Poppy was born, but that didn’t work,” Millie said. “After her childbirth, Stu continued to complain of headaches that just caused me to sleep deprived.

“But the headache worsened, and when Poppy was three weeks old, Stu was diagnosed with a large, benign brain tumor. He underwent 11 hours of emergency surgery and was hospitalized for the first few months of Poppy’s life. Fortunately, six months later, Stu was all clear and able to start the adventure as a family. “

Dad Stu was hospitalized for a benign brain tumor during the first months of Poppy’s life.

She added: “We started from the bottom of South America in Patagonia, Argentina. We are now traveling through South America and Central America, along the west coast of the United States, and back from Canada to Europe. So far, Brazil and Argentina. I have traveled to Peru, Ecuador and Costa Rica. “

The family is as close to the traditional backpacking trip as possible and lives in two backpacks, avoiding the dorms. “Being in the dorm would be a little too much for us,” Millie explained. “For others as much as ourselves.

“We stayed mostly in Airbnbs, which was a pretty good experience. Sleep deprivation is our main challenge, as other baby poppies often like to be nocturnal. But we want to explore the beautiful parts of the tired world before returning to the flats of London. “

Many locals can’t help but be spoiled for poppies

But couples absolutely love adventure while they may fall asleep for hours at night. “I keep joking that the biggest advantage of traveling with a baby is that there is an excuse to leave Shenanigan at night and go to bed early,” Millie said.

“But I think the main real advantage is that you can connect with the people you meet while traveling in new ways. It’s great to expose Poppy to the beauty and diversity of the world.

“Last week we were in the Mindo rainforest in Ecuador, where she tried all the tropical fruits and chased hummingbirds. But what we really loved most was Poppy’s local. It made it possible to connect with my family and the people here. “

Millie, an NHS midwife, spends her maternity leave traveling with her newborn baby.

Families are drawing attention in various places where they were, and many are attacking baby poppies. Millie said:

“And they often run away from what they’re doing to come and greet Poppies. Other travelers are just as excited.” It’s hard to travel with a baby. Is it often asked?

Millie says she never traveled the other way and hopes her friends can do the same. What we are doing. My parents are happy that we are having a good time, but are anxious to get our grandchildren back. “

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