A British backpacker took him to Reddit and talked about his surprise when one of his colleagues admitted that he had never heard of Britain.

The shocked traveler was exercising in a New Zealand orchard when fellow travelers from Vanuatu (Pacific Islands) entered.

They even uploaded a record of how the conversation went on …

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Can you point out the old brightness on earth?

They wrote: He: Hello. my name is ….

Me: Nice to meet you …. my name is …

He: Where are you from?

Me: United Kingdom

He: Is that … in New Zealand?

Me: No … England?

he: Confused facial expression

Me: Do you know the UK? England?

He: Oh America!

Travelers were plagued by having to use France as a reference point

myself: Start laughing No, UK ahahahaha

He: In New Zealand?

Me: Technically many kiwis don’t come from the UK

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he: Forced confused smile

Me: You know Europe, right?

He: Yes …

Me: Do you know France?

He: Yes!

Me: I live in an island country next to France …

He: Oh Confused smile

Now it’s quite strange.

“I can’t believe I had to use France as a reference point,” they added.

The Southern Hemisphere is a very popular spot for travelers

However, the people in the comments section weren’t very convinced, and many claimed a man who claimed he didn’t know England was joking.

One person wrote: “The Polynesian islanders knew 100% England and England and were 100% messing with him.”

Another commentator writes about meeting an Englishman who doesn’t know that Scotland and Britain share a border.

They write:

“He has actually been to Scotland. He crossed the Forth Bridge and thought it was connecting England and the islands of Scotland. When asked to point to Scotland on the map, he Pointed to Oakney. “

Australia and New Zealand have nice fountains

One-third could have surpassed this with anecdotes about someone who didn’t know where Britain’s major cities were.

They say: Possible To know.

“We were drawing on the whiteboard and sketching a map of England, but she was surprised.”

What do you think about not knowing where the UK is? Is it completely ignorant? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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