An inquest has been held that the mother drowned while swimming with her daughters at a popular Mexican beach.

While on a family vacation in Il Playa del Carmen, near Cancun, 38-year-old Lina Dilipkumar asked her husband to take her beach bag back to her hotel room while she was swimming with her daughters. I asked.

But a mother of two from Wembley in the northwest Londonlater drowned.

When her husband, Vishal Maugi, returned from his room, he saw people gathering on the beach to help his family, who had begun to struggle in the waves.

He found people surrounding his eldest daughter.

After realizing his wife had not returned to shore, he sent lifeguards on jet skis to find her and eventually retrieve her body.

The coroner determined that Dilip Kumar died on July 24, 2018, of “suffocation due to drowning”.

Her husband’s statement was the only statement read by Assistant Coroner Dr Peter Straker at the North London Coroner’s Court hearing.

Mr. Mogi and his family listened on video link as Dr. Straker read the statement.

he said: He went swimming in the sea with his daughters and left his camera with his wife.

“She gave me a camera along with my beach bag so I could swim. She asked me to take the bag, so I took it to my room.

The coroner determined the mother died of “suffocation by drowning” on July 24 last year (file photo)

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When he returned he saw people flocking to the beach and the waves getting bigger.

“People managed to get hold of the eldest daughter,” Mr Mogi said. “I approached the lifeguard and ordered him to help me find my wife on his jet ski because no one could find her.

“The lifeguards came out, found the body, put it on a jet ski and carried it to the beach.

“When he came back, he tried to get the water out of her body.”

Paramedics tried to help her, and she was taken to a nearby clinic for medical attention.

But Maugi says:

My husband thanked his extended family for their constant support and the governments of Mexico and the United Kingdom. Dilipkumar was the only sister in her family with five siblings.

The coroner ruled:

“Lina Dilipkumar passed away in an accident. I hope Lina’s daughters are doing well even though they lost their mother.”