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MYSURU: The Jain community expressed disappointment at the Jharkhand government’s declaration of Shri Samet Shikarji (community sanctuary) in Giridi district as a tourist destination.

At a press conference on Sunday, Sri Diganbar Jain Samaj’s secretary MR Anil Kumar said the holy site on the Palasnath Hills, the highest mountain in Jharkhand state, is the home of 24 Jain denominations for both Digambara and Svetambara denominations. Twenty of them said they were important. Tirthankara achieved Moksha at that place with the monks.

“This is a sacred place for the community. But ironically, the Jharkhand government has declared it a tourist destination. We appeal to the government to immediately reverse the decision and ensure that the environment of the holy sites is not disturbed by tourists,” he said.

Anil Kumar said the Jain community believes in non-violence and has made great contributions to society.

“We believe in the principle of living, the only religion in the world that follows non-violence,” he said.

Hundreds of Mysuru’s Jain community marched in a quiet and peaceful protest march through Ashoka Road, Irwin Road, JLB Road, Gandhi Square to DC Office to submit a memorandum to the Jharkhand government through DC on Monday. are participating in