Another take is our property Terramor in Bar Harbor, Maine. I’ve seen people looking for a unique way to experience the outdoors, but not everyone is interested in traditional camping. I always felt that there was something really special in the place where Terramor was once a KOA campsite. We do not call it glamping. We call it an outdoor resort. There is a lodge with food service. There is a tent with a bed, comfortable linens and a personal fire ring. Each tent has its own bathroom, which is a big difference.

Like a resort, there are many activities. We have these beautiful telescopes and take people to starry sky observations. There are yoga and Pilates. Our flagship store is in Maine, so we do lobster bake once a week.

I didn’t run it in a luxurious space, but I was confident in my knowledge of outdoor hospitality and I was confident that I could make something that resonates with Terramor. I considered expanding the KOA brand, but in the end I felt that the new brand made more sense. The brand is very well known and we are making something really different.

Eighty-five percent of KOA businesses are in RVs When people look at KOA campsites, they think of RV campsites. Terramor does not have an RV. I wanted to provide clarity to the KOA camper. And I wanted to reach out to all the new people who say, “KOA isn’t for me.”

The decision to create a new brand was also related to price. The average price for the KOA tent site is $ 42 per night, the RV site is $ 55, and the deluxe cabin is $ 137. The average price for Terramor is $ 400 per night. In the camping experience, you bring your own equipment. It’s simple. You are not in bed Terra Mall offers resort amenities comparable to those found at resorts.

This summer, we’re ready to announce three to five new Terramor properties. After that, I think we will announce one or two new resorts a year.

All Terramor facilities have several core features, including a central lodge offering food services, a naturally inspired pool, a group fire experience, a pavilion, and a fenced dog area. All of our accommodations have their own firewood in their tents and provide free firewood. In addition, we have introduced a massage space in the current property, and there is a possibility that it will be expanded to future properties.