Judge says ‘no’ to Caribbean vacation for former Summit Contracting owners

Green Bay, Wisconsin (WBAY)-A federal judge has dismissed a request from two former Summit Contracting Inc. leaders seeking permission to take a vacation in the Caribbean as a federal fraud case goes through the court system.

As first mentioned in February, Chad and Gina Champers, Nate Smith and Jeffrey O’Brien have all been fined for over 200 years after being charged with nearly a dozen telegraph and bank fraud in federal court. Faced with millions of dollars fines.

Prosecutors have won dozens of customers from over $ 1.5 million using misleading and deceptive tactics using Summit Contracting, a DePere business that is currently closed to four people. Claims.

That is the case we have been following for years.

Only weeks after these indictments were filed in federal court, Chad and Gina Champers petitioned for permission to go on a pre-planned trip to St. Martin in the Caribbean Dutch Antilles in mid-March. I submitted it.

The federal judge who presides over the case is now submitting his response to the allegations, giving several reasons to deny their attempt to leave the country.

As part of the conditions for release of all fraudulent charges, Chad and Gina Champers agreed in February to limit travel to Wisconsin and surrender their passports.

But a few weeks later, they asked the court to grant an exception, motioning that it was for a pre-planned trip organized before the indictment was issued, and also Chad Champers’ current present. Employer, but no employer has been appointed.

At that request, the couple promised not to leave Sint Maarten, a Caribbean country, to another foreign land, and vowed to return to Wisconsin on time.

Prosecutors opposed this idea from the beginning, saying that Chad Champers spent nearly $ 300,000 taxpayers’ money to rescue the coronavirus, as well as telegraph and bank fraud related to the summit contract. Business, on its own, pointed out that it has been prosecuted in two cases of money laundering after the officials claimed.

If convicted, the prosecutor said he would pursue reparations and confiscation of assets, saying that allowing vacations in the Caribbean would prevent victims and taxpayers from regaining reparations. I told the court.

The judge is on the side of the US law firm, saying that if Chad Champers is convicted, he will face long-term imprisonment. “Allowing the defendant to travel internationally allows him to go anywhere in the world and not return to this country.”

The judge continues to write, “The facts (Champers) stated that if he did not return to the United States, he would give up his surrender, but if he was allowed to leave, he would give little guarantee to the court that he would not abstain.” united states of america.

He is also writing, “The use of money for vacations will frustrate efforts.” Offer a refund, “The amount of money spent on vacation was more or less … couldn’t be recovered.” To give back to the victims.

The court is still in the trial of all four indicted in April.

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