In a recent essay, novelist Keiichiro Kashiwagi, a native of Kyoto, wrote that his fellow Kyoto people were anxious for the “turmoil” of tourism that drowned out the tranquility of the city. Regained the beauty of the lost city. “

Transport Minister Tetsuo Saito said in March that when the Diet resumes, it is necessary to reconsider the way of advertising to visitors, such as “prevention of tourism pollution.”

Companies eager for tourists to return are reluctant to take large government subsidies and risk the complications and health consequences of Japanese travelers taking vacations abroad. , Supported by the increase in domestic tourism.

Ruling party member Toshifumi Kojima said Japanese officials want to accept more tourists as soon as possible, but are cautious until they see how the domestic situation develops.

The country just emerged from a national emergency in which a variant of Omicron was declared to have pushed the number of cases to record highs. However, as the locals go out to enjoy the cherry blossoms, the numbers are increasing again in the Tokyo area. Thursday’s seven-day average was about 42,000, up from about 20,000 the previous week.

Since it is not clear how the sudden influx of tourists will affect the situation, “For the time being, we will consider ways to welcome domestic tourists and Japanese tourists as a warm-up and increase the number of inbound tourists from overseas. Mr. Kojima said.

In recent months, Southeast Asian countries have argued that relatively high vaccination rates and their determination to live safely with the virus and revive the dying tourism sector justify the widespread resumption of free travel, international tourism. I’m busy relaxing the restrictions.