Jane Macdonald has traveled the world on cruise ships. In her Cruising with Jane McDonald on Channel 5, she took a luxury Danube river cruise.

Jane was traveling on APT’s Amaverde, a 5* ship with four decks and a capacity of 160 passengers.

Upon boarding in Budapest, Jane was so impressed she exclaimed, “Wow, this is pretty cool!”

Her gorgeous room had champagne and fresh flowers, and two balconies with river views.

The elegant cabin was a world away from Jane’s room as a crew member.

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Jane’s adventures on the Danube began on what cruise experts generally say is her favorite night.

She tells viewers:

“Look at the beauty of Budapest at night.

The incredible ship included a plunge pool and putting course, but there was one activity Jane couldn’t wait to do.

Do not miss it

she said: It was the seat to get. But the Chef’s Table has taken over it completely now.

“Because I think the chef is the most important person on board. Sorry to all the captains in the world!

“Chef’s Table is the best food and the best of the best wines.”

This exclusive experience can accommodate up to 24 diners, but guests can only participate once per cruise trip.

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Jane said: Amazingly, you don’t have to pay extra for this experience, it’s all included in the price. “

The chef cooked a delicious six-course tasting menu, with each course paired with its own wine.

Jane joined the other guests at the table and said,

Later in the trip, Jane left early to see one of the Danube’s most impressive sights.

As the ship passed through the impressive Iron Gate (a naturally occurring gap in the river), Jane could see Serbia and Romania on either side of the shore.

Unfortunately for Jane, she had to head to the top deck at 5:30 am to see it and join other guests in gowns.

she said: The view is really nice. The Danube is surprisingly quiet, peaceful and calm. Even if it’s not actually blue. If you’re still not feeling well, something is wrong!

Jane explored Budapest, Bratislava, Belgrade and other interesting Danube spots on our cruise.