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It’s no secret that British Columbia is full of fascinating destinations and surreal small towns waiting to be explored.rear move to vancouver Coming from the East Coast in September 2019, I was able to explore many vacation spots across the state.

There’s so much more to see, but here are some of my favorite places that I think everyone should see if they’re planning a trip to the west coast of Canada.


Of course people flock to Vancouver a lot, but Victoria is a destination in its own right.

The seaside town is full of great food, cool architecture and great shopping. BC Ferries take you from Vancouver to Victoria — or seaplane — Spend your vacation exploring the hidden gems of cities and islands.

Don’t miss Juan de Fuca State Parkjust an hour and a half drive from the city.


Call me all the basics you want, but Tofino is a hotspot For good reason!

Small-town charm, surfing, scenic beauty and rainforest all in one magical place.

It’s a long journey to get there from Vancouver, but worth every minute. Plus, even the drive there is great.

sunshine coast

This part of the state is as beautiful as its name sounds.

The coastline is closed off from the mainland and can only be reached by ferry, boat or plane, but it’s worth the trip. We went to Gibsons on BC Ferries and it was a great trip.

Traveling along the Sunshine Coast and stopping at small hamlets along the way makes for an unforgettable holiday.


Another staple vacation spot in the state is Whistler.

i love this place skiing, of course But it’s actually a lot of fun for everyone.there is a great Scandinave Spawith many walking and hiking trails and a delightful village to explore.

You can also drive to Pemberton in 30 minutes. There are many hikes here. Iconic Lake Joffre.

Whistler is also about two hours from Vancouver, so it’s easy to get to.

Bowen Island

this small island near vancouver It will be the perfect mini-vacation.

A little piece of paradise not far from the city, with cute little shops and spectacular views. If you want classic West Coast views, this is the place.

Be sure to stop by one of the waterfront restaurants.

Panorama Mountain Resort

This ski resort is located in the Purcell Mountains of the Rocky Mountains, fairly close to Alberta.

this The particular place was a wonderful little alpine villagebut I encourage you to explore anywhere in the Canadian Rockies on your trip west.

Choose a top-notch ski mountain or try several. Relaxing hot spring driving.

white rock

It’s also not far from Vancouver, but it makes you feel like you’re in another world.

this small town Home to Canada’s longest jetty It has beautiful coastline and beaches to explore. Grab some fish and chips and stroll along the pier for a perfect summer afternoon.