Travel frustrations continue for many people trying to get somewhere before Christmas.

Janice and her husband were supposed to be on the beach in Cancun on Saturday afternoon, but instead spent it at Richardson International Airport.

“Hmm, we didn’t even get an update. We stopped at the airport and were informed that our flight was cancelled. The problem is that there are children flying in from different parts of the country and there We were supposed to meet on Christmas Eve,” she said.

They are among the many travelers stranded after storms and extreme weather forced airlines to cancel flights across the country.

Kevin Lamreux, whose first flight to Montreal was canceled, said: “I had my fingers crossed, and everyone had a storm over there, a storm here, bad roads, blah blah blah, and midnight. I was worried as if it would be canceled in the future,” he said.

“It was supposed to fly at 8am, but now it’s delayed at 2:30,” said Caleb Mallow, who was about to fly to New York via Ottawa.

In addition to stress, many passengers say they have trouble rebooking flights or getting updates.

“At the moment, there are no answers. It’s been hard. We’re just tracking information and trying to figure things out. A lot of people are looking for those kinds of answers,” Janice said.

‘We are stuck in Winnipeg, no one can book us and we can’t answer the phone because everyone is trying to call,’ said another traveler from Toronto. said.

As of Saturday morning’s update from WestJet, the airline said it expects 351 flights to be canceled on Friday and dozens more on Saturday.

It’s an intractable problem, and all the traveler can do is wait until he reaches his destination.

“You don’t have a choice. Worse things can happen, but it’s a shame to make these arrangements months in advance.