50 years after the first Interrail Travelers have begun traveling all over Europe, and the railroad industry has come up with the best deals ever, half-price unlimited travel passes.

The flash sale starts this morning and lasts until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 10, but the digital pass you purchased now will be available at any time for the next 11 months.

The 50% discount applies to longer and more continuous “Global Passes”. This allows you to travel unlimitedly in the country for one, two, or three months. Railroad Of 33 participating countries.

The original one-month pass costs € 335 (£ 279) with an offer, less than £ 10 per day. The price for longer trips is even better: a two-month ticket costs € 366 (£ 304), while a three-month ticket costs € 451 (£ 375), less than £ 5 per day.

Passes can be booked up to 11 months in advance. So you can buy it now and travel to the next Easter. At that point, Covid’s remaining restrictions on international travel may have been lifted.

Age limits do not apply, but people under the age of 27 get an additional 25% discount and people over the age of 60 get a 10% discount. Travel under the age of 12 is free.

The Interrail Pass is also valid for crossing some ferry routes, especially the Adriatic Sea between Italy and Greece, but port tolls apply.

Nicky Gardner, Co-Editor Europe by railInterrail takes travelers from tralee in southwestern Ireland (about 10 degrees west of Greenwich) to Kapikoy in eastern Turkey (more than 44 degrees east), and from Norway and Sweden in the Arctic to Algeciras in southern Spain. I’m calculating that I can.

If you use a Eurostar train from London to France, Belgium or the Netherlands, you will be charged an additional fee, but it will be much cheaper than the regular fare for the Channel Tunnel train. In some countries, especially Southern Europe, faster trains are paid extra.

Ms. Gardner said:

“Interrail is flexibility, a whimsical stop, and the accidental discovery and distraction of slow travel.

“Perhaps the full potential of Interrail has not yet been realized. It is a gift that allows us to escape the rush of modernity and rediscover the slower Europe.”

Eurail BV, the Dutch organization that runs this scheme, said: European The unity and cultural exchange that was at the heart of the Interrail Pass has passed from the beginning.

Jacqueline Star, Chief Executive Officer of the United Kingdom Rail transport group “Many of us are increasingly concerned about our personal impact on the environment and what we can do to mitigate it.

“We hope that this wonderful offer of the Interrail Global Pass will help more people enjoy sustainable scenic adventures on the train this summer.”

Helen Coffey, Travel Editor Independent And the author of future flight-free memoirs Zero altitude, Says: “When it comes to climate, we know that we need to get off the plane and get on the train as much as possible. The Interrail Pass not only allows travelers to do that, but it’s all about slow travel. Embody the best bit of: taking your time to get to your destination, having the freedom to be flexible about where and when you stop, and creating a multi “get there” The bit stops the itinerary as exciting as it is “there” itself.

“And the half-price offer makes it even more attractive as a holiday option. Hopefully this will tempt more British people to try and explore something new. “