According to South Asia’s second largest online travel agency, Indians are now spending more on five-star hotels and booking business class seats.

“People are living their lives and crazy about traveling,” EaseMyTrip co-founder Prashant Pitti said in an interview with Bloomberg Television on Monday.

More and more Indians are flying in the air as the curb of travel is eased and the country begins its international journey. India, the world’s fastest growing major aviation market before the pandemic, expects local traffic to exceed pre-pandemic levels of 415,000 leaflets per day within a year. .. Indian airlines are also adding the ability to capture the resurgence of demand as international flights resume on Sunday.

Reservation of upper business class seats Flight According to Pitti, five-star hotels have already doubled compared to pre-pandemic numbers. He said Indians are now planning an average of 4.7 days off compared to Covid’s 3.2 days ago. Operated by Easy Trip Planners Ltd., EaseMyTrip offers online booking of flights, trains, hotels, buses and taxis.

EaseMyTripHe went public last year and will continue to make a profit, Pitti said. The company’s net profit could exceed Rs 9 billion ($ 118 million) in the year to March 31, a sharp increase from Rs 6.1 billion ($ 80 million) in the previous year, he said. ..

Airfare has skyrocketed “quite dramatically” in the past few weeks as airlines tried to offset the rise in oil prices, but the rise is short-lived, Pitti said.

“India seems to be on track to recover very quickly from the onslaught we all experienced in the last two years,” he said.

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