Do you think your in-law is a nightmare? Think again. If a recent Viral AIBU (I can’t) post passes by, one Mumsnet user may be having a harder time than you. problem?Her parents-in-law refuse to pay their share jointly holiday Organized by Mumsnet users.

of post “Parent-in-law and holiday invoice-tell me who’s wrong!” @Spandauballet collected over 120 answers from other users, and she and her husband usually get along with their mother and stepfather. I explained that there is.

“They are nice, generous and very practical with us child “In January, we all agreed to spend a vacation together this year. It was nice to go to Mallorca together in 2017, so we’ll be back in July this year and get along with them. I decided to include my father as well. “

A stock image of a family of four at the edge of the pool during the summer vacation. A Mumsnet user’s parents-in-law refuse to pay part of their shared vacation.
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@spandauballet has her MIL (mother-in-law) hotel I sent the options and a list to her and said she and her husband should choose. They chose a four-bedroom apartment, but later everyone agreed. @spandauballet booked and paid the full cost of £ 2,400 (almost $ 3,000), which was to be split in four ways.

Then the trouble started. He and his stepfather were involved in a dispute while @spandauballet and her husband were traveling to meet his parents.

“It has nothing to do with the holidays, but after a very enthusiastic discussion, MIL was upset.” Without consulting us, MIL booked another accommodation in July. She , “If something starts during your vacation, you need to go somewhere.”

@spandauballet added that her MIL “stated that I wouldn’t pay the share of what I had already booked,” noting that about £ 750 remained added. cost Of their vacation.

“I’m fine. Neither seems to think this is bad, as we are’using an extra bedroom’. No extra bedroom needed. Our kids are 5 and 2 years old and share, “writes @spandauballet. “Do you think AIBU can’t decide that you don’t attend the agreed holiday without paying your share? If I already had their share, she would take a new place Didn’t make a reservation! What am I doing now? “

Other Mumsnet users had some ideas.

“It’s very cheeky and moody, can you change it?” Wrote @Momicrone.

@Toponeniceone added, “Bloody hell, it’s her terrible.”

Some users, including @FieldOverFence, have suggested changing their bookings. “I can’t pay the extra fee, so I’ll cancel …”

Similarly, @ TiddleyWink writes:

The original poster experience is not uncommon, according to some research and research on family vacation stress. A study conducted by the lifestyle website Fatherly used a cohort of 1,000 parents to investigate travel habits and attitudes toward vacation. Approximately 65% ​​of respondents said that cost handling was the number one stress factor when planning a vacation.

With a similar note, 2012 survey Published in the journal Tourism analysis “We focused on the extent to which stress occurs during vacation, including how and where it occurs. [and] Researchers have found that the highest levels of stress occur during the vacation planning phase. This is especially true for anyone planning an “international vacation accompanied by a spouse or relative”. The period was “economic concern”.

In any case, Mumsnet users firmly believed that @spandauballet should not accept her MIL actions.

@titchy writes: “Two separate issues. It’s perfectly reasonable to book elsewhere in case of discussion.

@SolasAnla suggested that @ spandauballet cancel the reservation and make a new plan.

“Yes, his parents should pay him (and you), but you can’t control or influence it,” @SolasAnla. “Be careful not to spend money on a joint contract again. If you book it, the money will be paid directly or sent to your account first.”