The bridesmaid asked Ticktaku For advice brideThe financial demands made her uncomfortable.

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It was Erin’s First bridesmaid wedding Besides her sister, she wasn’t sure what the proper etiquette was in that situation. She felt that Erin was confused by some of her expenses when she and the bridal party had booked her bachelorette last party at her bride’s destination.

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“What do you think about the bridesmaid paying for the bride part of the last bachelorette party?” Asked.

This is the approach her friend took when he paid for the bride airplane Tickets and Airbnb.But the issue wasn’t discussed until it was actually discussed rear Airbnb, which Erin felt “strange”, was booked.

The bridal party had already paid $ 300 per shower and bought the bride $ 400. airplane ticket. Erin was responsible for booking Airbnb with her credit card. Initially it was $ 240 per piece, but the price went up when her bridesmaid dropped out.

Erin received a message from the Maid of Honor after the bride sent some of Airbnb’s money to Erin via Venmo. The Maid of Honor requested Erin to reimburse the bride and her bridesmaid to pay the bride’s contribution.

“That’s strange to me. Obviously, I’ve already agreed to go to the last bachelorette party, so it would be strange to cancel after booking Airbnb already,” Erin said. Said..

“When I’m sending a group message with nine other girls, I don’t say” I’m not going to pay for this “…” I’m out of budget “. … Everyone earns different amounts. Also, everyone has different levels of comfort when it comes to spending money on such trips. “

Erin didn’t know how to tackle this problem, and TikTokers I shared their advice.

“When someone decides to get married, suddenly I think it’s strange that all the people near them bear all these costs,” the user says. comment..

“As a bride, I paid more Airbnb to keep costs reasonable. I wanted a really nice place, but I didn’t think it would cost them.” another I have written..

“I lost me on the plane. I’m not flying,” said the person. Responded..

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