These ill-tempered travelers put “donkeys” in their “passengers”.

in the midst of non-stop discussion nightmare plane passengersone former US flight attendant, contrary to popular belief, cleans the air where flyers are the most annoying. don’t cry baby In fact, the passengers who annoy flight attendants the most are: complain About the crying baby, the former stewardess said: A clip with 1.5 million views.

“I have never been so frustrated as a flight attendant. [than] When people complain that their babies are crying,” Kat Kalamani, a six-year veteran of Friendly Skies, said in the clip.

Accompanying footage shows “Karen” looking angry on an undisclosed flight silencing a baby throwing a tantrum from the screen.

According to the clip, these passengers may think they’re heroes of the flight, but they’re actually annoying both staff and other travelers.

Instead of whining about a baby crying, Kalamani suggests that upset passengers bring “noise-cancelling headphones” or “ask their parents if they need help.”

And under any circumstances request a scene change, per clip. “Don’t even ask us to move to another seat,” warns the former empty waitress to her nearly 950,000 followers. No one wants it to stop.”

Kat Kalamani shares tips for passengers frustrated by crying babies on board.

Needless to say, this PSA resonated with viewers with the comment, “Crying children are not play!!” thank you very much! ! ! “

One father wrote: We do everything to keep them from crying…”

“Just tell them, dear customers, this is public transportation,” suggested one TikTok wit. “Fly in your private jet next time.”

"I've never been so frustrated as a flight attendant [than] When people complain about babies crying," Kalamani, a six-year veteran of the friendly skies, said.
“I have never been so frustrated as a flight attendant. [than] That’s when people complain that their babies are crying,” said Kalamani, a six-year veteran of Friendly Sky.

“I’m a flight attendant and I get really pissed when passengers complain to me about crying babies..What do you want me to do?” exclaimed one flight attendant. .

But some armchair travel experts disagreed. “We can handle [babies crying] On a short flight….not a 14-hour flight,” one commenter exasperated. not.”

“Don’t take a small child on such a long trip,” another sneered.

Even some alleged parents said they were too lazy to get on a plane just sitting next to a sobbing toddler. I don’t want to sit next to ,” they wrote. “I always ask you to move.”

Other opponents have declared that infant-free flights must be offered. No such service currently exists (as far as we know), but Japan Airlines offers ticket bookers the option to pre-select seats. No crybaby exposure.

Of course, opinions differ on what airline passengers are most annoyed.

One of our frequent flyers has put together a list for TikTok. “The Worst Hole in Airplanes” This included everyone from “gate crowders” to those who put their backpacks in overhead bins.