• went on a three day trip to Martha’s Vineyard in Octoberafter the summer crowd has cleared.
  • The fall visit had benefits like private beach access and shorter lines.
  • Travelers should be warned that the water is very cold, but I am also good for swimming.

Over the years, my Knowledge of Martha’s Vineyard It was limited to hazy childhood memories of family trips there and headlines about the celebrities that flock to its shores.

But after a series of pandemic-related twists and turns, I found myself living and working on a small island in Massachusetts during the popular summer season.

Living on Martha’s Vineyard had many advantages, but being there in the summer meant that the annual population of 17,000 Can go up to 200,000 — posed challenges such as long lines, huge crowds, and a lack of affordable rentals.

For these reasons, many full-time residents and frequent visitors prefer to come during the shoulder season in April and September.

With that in mind, I decided to go back to solo travel in the off-season in October. brought a partnera first-time visitor, accompanied us on a three-day ride.

The first step was to get to the island which required a drive and a ferry ride

Hop off the ferry at sunset and head to the vineyards.

Hop off the ferry at sunset to head to Martha’s Vineyard.

Grace Kennedy

Martha’s Vineyard is an island, so the only way to get there is by ferry or plane.

we I decided to drive and bring Board the ferry. Buying a ferry ticket that included my car was much more expensive than just walking. , had to be booked in advance.

However, in my opinion, having a car on the island was worth the extra planning and expense.

If you stay centrally, you can reach many places on foot or by bus. But Martha’s Vineyard is bigger than expected, with long winding roads leading to six unique towns and hidden beaches.

You can’t see everything on the island in a short amount of time by walking, biking or taking the bus.

Airbnb rentals appear to be significantly cheaper in October

We were lucky enough to stay with a friend on this trip, Browse Airbnb quickly Fall prices are down $150 per night from summer prices, demonstrating a wide range of options to choose from.

Some hotels were still open in October, but many restaurants are closed during the off-season, so it’s best to book a hotel with a kitchen if possible. Luckily, Martha’s Vineyard has a wonderful farm that’s open all year round, where we were able to buy meat and produce.

Many shops were still open and many had sales.

The first morning the weather was a little gray so we went to a shop called Dumptic. Operated by donations and volunteersAnyone could go inside, pick something from a rack, and take it home for free. It was amazing.

From there we drove to Main Street in Vineyard Haven for lunch. The streets were lined with beach gear, clothing, books, coffee, ice cream and pretty much anything you could possibly look for on vacation. We stopped at a few more locations to hit off-season sales.

Check and confirm schedules for restaurants and shops before you show up at the door. Some fixed their times during the off-season.

We shared a delicious lunch at the Waterside Market

Our stomachs were growling so we headed there waterside market.

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s ‘Waterside’ may look familiar.Diner, drive-in, dive.” In my opinion, it has the best BLT on the island.

The sandwiches are huge, so be prepared to share them with friends or take them to the beach to eat when you’re hungry again hours later.

Visiting in the off season gave us access to some beaches that were closed to the public during the summer

A sunny fall beach day in Lamberts Cove.

A sunny fall beach day in Lamberts Cove.

Grace Kennedy

some beaches during the summer Only accessible to residents or visitors In certain towns where you purchased a beach pass. However, during the off-season many of these beaches were open to the public.

We used Access during a trip to Lambert’s Cove, a beach in West Tisbury.

we took a short walk through the trees to the wide beach Nestled in the cove of Vineyard Sound.

The clouds cleared so we decided to lie down in the sand under the full sun and blue sky.

The skies were clear and we could see the sun go down over Aquina

Sunset at Aquinna lookout on the western tip of the island.

I took the sunset from the lookout point of Aquinna on the western end of the island.

Grace Kennedy

When it got chilly, we drove up the island to watch the sunset in the town of Aquinna.

We stopped at a few farm stalls along the way to pick up lassis, a yogurt-based drink that originated in India, from Mermaid Farms and fresh produce for dinner. beetle bang.

Aquinna’s lookout was majestic, with dramatic cliffs and sweeping views of the sun setting over the Atlantic Ocean. It was the perfect way to end the first day.

My partner and I had no problem finding Wi-Fi at a local cafe

My partner and I both had to work, so we drove to a cafe in Edgartown and texted while enjoying a fall spice latte and lemon bread.

The cafe closed at 2:00 pm, so it was over for the day. If you need to work later when you are on the island, West Tisbury Public Library There was also free internet and plenty of open tables.

Hike the Menemsha Hills to see fall foliage

Enjoy fresh seafood at Menemsha while watching the beautiful sunset.

Enjoy fresh seafood at Menemsha while watching the beautiful sunset.

Grace Kennedy

After work, I joined a friend for a hike in the Menemsha Hills.

If you’re looking for scenic fall foliage, Martha’s Vineyard has it all. October was the perfect time Experience autumn leaves in all their glory.

The Menemsha Hills had several different hiking loops. It wasn’t particularly difficult, but I recommend wearing boots or sneakers and packing water.

When the sun went down, the temperature suddenly dropped. Bring your layers.

No trip to Martha’s Vineyard is complete without seafood. I didn’t have to stand in line in October

In my opinion, you can’t help but visit Martha’s Vineyard. Larsen’s Fish MarketWe drove there for dinner Lobster rolls, clam chowder, oysters.

I’ve seen rows of Larsen stretch out the door during the summer. In October we were the first and only people waiting. We were able to enjoy our meal just as the sun was setting.

The final day started with delicious pastries from Gray Barn

I'm devouring gray barn pastries on my friend's deck.

I’m devouring gray barn pastries on my friend’s deck.

Grace Kennedy

my friend works on a farm and bakery gray barnso I started the morning by visiting her there. grab some pastries Bread from a farm stand.

The magnolia trees weren’t in bloom in October, but I still enjoyed my visit to Polly Hill Arboretum.

After packing the sugar my partner and I went Polly Hill Arboretuma 70-acre public garden filled with rare trees and shrubs.

It was too late in the season It’s hard to see the magnificent magnolia trees in bloom, but the arboretum was still a beautiful place to stroll. All the while, I saw that there was only one other duo.

The water in the sea was cold, but that didn’t stop me from jumping in.

I promised myself that I would swim at least once on this trip. After visiting the Arboretum, we packed up and headed to Joseph Sylvia State Beach. Here is the American Corps Memorial Bridge, known as the “Jaws” Bridge. 1975 movie.

The water was cold, but nice. It glistened in the sun, gave an icy jolt to our system and made us feel exhilarated. Marthas She has never regretted swimming in the Vineyard.

After our last trip to the beach, we went home and cooked a delicious dinner with locally caught scallops. Dessert was homemade crisps with apples my friend picked up on the road.

Martha’s Vineyard is quiet and peaceful in the fall. I recommend it to anyone in need of a vacation.

While waiting to catch the ferry the next morning, I asked my partner how he would describe our trip. “Peace,” she said.

You may tan or never get the chance to tan rubbing elbows with a celebrity on vacationbut the experience you get in return is just as valuable.

Our October trip to Martha’s Vineyard turned out to be one of my favorite island memories so far and I came home feeling really relaxed and rejuvenated.