My value is deeply and firmly rooted in my productivity.I think it’s difficult no For multitasking. Sitting without doing anything is most likely to cause the worst of my anxiety. My brain believes that doing nothing is a waste of time. Keeping my hands busy is what keeps me from falling off the edge.

However, this winter, my work was very busy and I lived on a tightrope walker with burnout. I felt more irritated, heavier in my chest, exhausted and tired. I was late for reading and my body hurt. So I took two days off from work and made a four-day weekend for myself. It’s a reunion vacation for burnout.

And like a normal person who wants to relax, I have set some rules.

I know, I know — what is less vacation than the rules? Maybe you can’t build a relationship unless your brain is a hyperdrive productivity-focused monster, but if you don’t set these rules, by Monday morning, “Well, this is a vacation. Should be, but I probably need to check my email, right? “Or” I haven’t moved for two days. Am I lazy? I have to go out for a lot of errands. “Hmm?” Or “You need to check Twitter, right?” Four hours later, fast forward to me reading about the possibility of a nuclear war.

So. You understand the idea. This may be sad, but I needed a rule to keep it from burning out on a burnout vacation.


  • sleepy.
  • I watch the news with my partner at night, but I do no Scroll through your destiny on Twitter during the day.
  • Your body will thank you for your daily yoga session, even a 10 minute stretch.
  • Take a shower and wear comfortable clothes every morning. However, do not leave your pajamas on.
  • Me Have got It’s a list of books I want to read, but I don’t pressure myself to read faster or worry about being “delayed”. As far as I’m reading, I’m running the plan.
  • Keep anti-stress lotion nearby.
  • Take at least one luxurious, nice bath.

In short, my goal was to relax, but not to give me room to yell at trying to relax my anxious brain. Dressing, yoga, and even the existence of rules helped tell my brain: we are not lazy.We are doing what we need to do, what we are doing plan What to do today.

I didn’t always follow the rules. The news was pretty lively and two people wanted to discuss me on Twitter and Instagram. But I resisted (and I was pretty proud of myself in doing so). Maintenance was finally done during my reunion to repair the closet shelves that fell to me a few weeks ago. On Monday I was so relaxed that I missed a virtual therapy session so I was worried about it for at least an hour. And on Tuesday, my anxiety began to grow as my brain began to remember that this wasn’t really my life and I would work again the next morning.

But what do you know? It was helpful. On the first day, we spent some time doing a wonderful deep stretch yoga session. The other day, I did a little stretch. I didn’t scroll fate. I read all day, spent a good time with my partner at night, and was able to see the old seasons. Great race Play Mario Party. I read a ton every day, but it’s been a while since I sat down with the book and didn’t get up until the book was over.

The biggest fan of my reunion was my cat, Nellie Bly. He loved the length of time I was willing to spend snuggling up on the couch.

Between social media, pandemics, panic-inducing world news, and our own anxious brains, burnout is always chasing us. I needed this. And maybe the rules feel like overkill. But they weren’t limiting themselves.They are Please give me permission. They were there and said, “This is ours. schedule. There is nothing lazy about this time you are taking yourself. You have to do this. It’s on your list. “

Most of the time, I save every day of my vacation to make a big trip abroad or visit my family during the vacation. I was as physically tired as when I returned from vacation (but I’m happy to be emotionally encouraged). Taking this stay, I, my apartment, and a lot of books alone made me a good world. It pressed a small “restart” button in my brain. It was magical and calm — and I highly recommend it.

Have a day just for you. Go to the museum and take your time. Sit in bed all day and write. Spend a day baking. Walk to your favorite place in the park and read until you get tired. Set up rules to help separate this day from other days. This allows you to be productive 24 hours a day, without the need for reasons such as holidays or events. Preventing Burnout is all you need.

The world around us is a hurricane. It is not selfish to chop up a day or two. It replenishes your mental strength and keeps your feet grounded and strong for the upcoming difficult days. Give this gift to yourself. I did it, and it was great.

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