18-year-old girl is tired of being fucked by seeing her aunt and uncle Children..

She tells her situation Redditof”Am I A ******? (AITA)“Forum. A teenager has eight aunts and uncles, each with at least three children. Her family always expects her to watch over the children for free. While planning their vacation, they claimed she was babysat all the time again.

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“I’m the oldest girl in my family,” she said. Said.. “They impose a lot of responsibility that the oldest brother didn’t experience overall. I’m expected to see the kids, help them cook, clean them, and put them to sleep. [and] When I’m with my family, there are no people, and they have stated over and over again that I will soon be in a serious relationship.

“My family recently announced that they would go to the Florida Keys for next year’s Thanksgiving to disperse the ashes of my great-grandmother, and her property will pay for the entire trip. But I wanted, but under uncertain conditions. [that] I didn’t see their children during the trip. They nodded a bit, but planned an activity for them. “

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But when older families began planning their trips, it became clear what they were expecting. Reddit Babysitter poster.

“When they were talking about the’itinerary’, they were planning more than 21 things in a row, and I stayed back to see the kids, just like I’m on the beach. I stopped asking if I would do it, “she said. Explanation.. “They are confused and I’m staying in a rental property with them, so obviously I asked why I’m asking when I’m looking at the kids. I repeated that I wouldn’t see or see babysitters for free. If they wanted me to see the kids, they paid me my normal price.

“They said I could find a place to stay somewhere if I wanted to be ab ****. Coincidentally, my brother and his girlfriend told me her room. Offered to stay in (they didn’t share a bed because of her religious beliefs, but joined the room), and I agreed. Mom I said I should have seen the kids only once, but I disagree. If I keep it, they will keep using it. So AITA? “

Redditors thought there were too many girls’ families.

“Based on what you wrote here, I have so many problems with your family,” said the user. Said..

“If you need a babysitter, you have to pay for one person.” I have written..

“It’s never OK for someone to be expected to offer a free babysitter service just because they happen to have a relationship with their child,” someone said. Added..

Tinashe is calling a shot:

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