“I don’t need this!”: During the “7-hour delay” on the Gatwick runway, the momentary Wizz Air pilot loses his composure and yells at passengers across Tannoy.

  • Passengers recorded a pilot yelling at Tannoy during a seven-hour delay
  • Wizz Air’s flight headed to Cyprus but was stuck at Gatwick Airport
  • The excited pilot said, “I don’t need this!”He asked who wanted to get off

Passengers captured the moment when a frustrated Wizz Air pilot yelled at Tannoy while resting on the runway at Gatwick Airport for the reported seven-hour delay.

“I don’t need this!” He told an exhausted vacationer stuck in a seat waiting to leave for Larnaca, Cyprus.

Passenger Hannah Mace filmed a moment of distrust and uploaded a video to Ticktaku..

Passengers on Wizz Air’s flight to Cyprus recorded the moment when the pilot lost his composure during the “7-hour delay” at Gatwick Airport and began yelling at Tannoy.

Passengers on board were shocked because they told them they could leave the plane if the pilot wanted to.

Passengers on board were shocked because they told them they could leave the plane if the pilot wanted to.

I heard the Wizz Air pilot say:

“If you get off, I won’t go tonight.

“You know, I don’t need this, the crew doesn’t need this.

“We are doing what we can to get you out of here.

“It’s out of my control. It’s completely out of my control.

“We are doing everything we can.

“If you want to get off, I’ll get you off, no problem.”

At TikTok, viewers sympathized with the pilot as he lost his temper.

One said:’Oh, but congratulate him. You can hear the pain in his voice.

“He wanted to do it like everyone else. It would be difficult for everyone to moan at you.”

Another wrote:’For fairness, I’m on his side. He is probably very stressed and his crew is exhausted. “

On Tuesday morning, travelers complained about delays of up to four hours, and one Twitter user described their experience as “terrifying” and “severe.”

A spokesman for Gatwick Airport tweeted about this. We operate a mobile queue system and our staff are working hard to process passengers as quickly as possible through security searches.

Earlier this month, a British passenger was arrested after launching a major brawl on another Wizz Air flight.

The flight to Crete was confused shortly after landing, punching other travelers and even pilots, vacationers said.

In large-scale battles, women and men were injured in close quarters.

According to witnesses, the passenger and his friends were ill-mannered throughout the flight, and his anger boiled when police were told to take him to the airport.

Tourists said the pair smoked and smoked e-cigarettes throughout the trip, threatening fellow travelers and getting drunk before boarding the plane.

The pilot then tried to calm the situation, but witnesses said he was beaten himself.

Police eventually wrapped their trousers around their ankles and pulled the blood-stained man away from the plane.