The obvious fact for me as a fashion editor is that I love clothes and have a lot of them. It’s a fun combination for life, but it has led me to become a chronic overpacker when I’m traveling. I always paid out extra cash, checked out the exploding bags in three outfits every day, and carried around a £ 49.9 bag. God knows that I always need to take advantage of every ounce possible. destination. Finally, we decided on the packing method needed to evolve. It’s time to climb my Everest: pack up for travel with just carry-on baggage.

The first step in changing the way carry-on baggage was to develop a strategy for packing carry-on baggage. This didn’t feel like a sacrifice to style, but it was much less than before. This meant that hot pink pants that were used only once on a trip had to be replaced with pairs that could be worn multiple times, ideally in multiple different ways. Finally, I realized that what I needed was Capsule wardrobe A formula that can be used every time you travel.

You already know why you love capsule wardrobes. A capsule wardrobe is a concise and carefully selected set of clothes that can be combined in different ways to make it look like you can go anywhere. And when do you need it more than when you travel? I rest my case.

This is the formula that officially led me to the point where I could say that my check bag was replaced with carry-on baggage. And believe me: anyone can do it if I can.


When packing carry-on baggage, use T according to this formula. The result is a mini-capsule wardrobe for all the work you get on your trip.

The key to making this formula work is to be able to seamlessly combine and combine everything you pack. Choose one outfit and then don’t decide on a shirt. can You can also work with different pants. Really think of any part you can include that has the versatility to work with others you crammed into. Before choosing what to put in this, I ponder everything I do on the trip and then choose the part based on what my days hold.

  • 4 shirts
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 1 pair of shorts
  • 1 jacket
  • 1 dress
  • Two bags (large and small-large is a tote bag that you always carry by plane)
  • 1 pair of sunglasses
  • 3 pairs of shoes (easy to walk, flashy shoes, casual shoes)


White button down
Statement top
Satin tank
Cropped blazer
Tailored shorts
Linen pants
Midi dress
Straight jeans
Shoulder bag
Slide sandals

How to style

A day of walking around the city

There is little joy in this life as wandering around the town you traveled all day. Both comfort and cuteness are key, and the white button-up and jeans combo can take you wherever your day takes you. To silence it a bit, focus on making it your own with accessories.

sunglasses | White button down | Bodysuit | Shoulder bag | Straight jeans | Slide sandals

To branch

So you robbed the resolution at that restaurant you’ve always wanted to go to, but you don’t have the space to pack your head-to-toe clothes for it. Wear a statement top that you can bust out whenever you need a little extra while traveling and pack the same punches.

sunglasses | Statement top | Shoulder bag | Straight jeans | Heels

For the day to explore

Comfort is absolutely important for the day to see everything your destination has to offer (after all, there’s no faster way to ruin a better day than shoes that give you blisters after an hour. ). Keep it refreshed with bodysuits, lightweight linen trousers and sneakers for ultimate comfort.

sunglasses | Bodysuit | Linen pants | sneakers

To the winery

Dress up your jeans in a bodysuit and cropped blazer for a trip to a slightly higher winery or event. Cute and easy-to-walk sandals and shoulder bags make for the perfect combination of dressing.

sunglasses | Satin tank | Cropped blazer | Shoulder bag | Straight jeans | Slide sandals

For a nice supper

Would you like to go for dinner at a fine dining restaurant? Nothing is more space-saving and worthy of a special event than a beautiful midi dress. This dress, with gorgeous tears as you walk, is perfect for any trip. Bonus: You will be very comfortable all night long.

Midi dress | Shoulder bag | Heels

I’m a cosmetologist who loves products — here’s how to travel with carry-on baggage alone: