Hundreds of passengers remain “stuck” in Greece after flights to Northern Ireland have been canceled for two consecutive days.

The TUI flight from Kos to Belfast, which was set to depart at 9:20 pm on Saturday night, was canceled due to a “technical issue”.

Passengers stay at a hotel 45 minutes away from Belfast Live after passing security and waiting at the gate for “more than 200 passengers” to be escorted by local police to collect luggage through the airport. He said he was taken to do so.

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TUI representatives have notified travelers that the alternative flight scheduled to depart on Sunday has been cancelled. This means passengers will have to wait 48 hours before returning home.

A holiday maker at Co Fermanagh said people were “disputed and angry” at the hotel, and families were worried that they didn’t have enough milk powder for their babies.

He states: “The airport was small and the number of people was crazy. It was crushed and the fast food restaurant queue was an hour and a half.

“I just want to go home-many people are complaining.”

He continued. “This hotel is currently full of passengers going to Belfast and I was planning to work today, but people complain that I had to call and cancel my job to say I’m still stuck in Kos. heard.

“I’m talking about a nearly nine-hour trip from a hotel in Kos to my house in Fermanagh, so I personally find it quite annoying.

“To be fair to TUI, they set us up in this hotel all-inclusive, so there are different emotions among people. Some are happy with the free bar, others at home. Some people are angry about not going home. “

Another group of passengers from Northern Ireland waiting to return home said delays and uncertainties in the situation “had a major impact” on them.

They added: “There were some young children here, and people lost their jobs and were put into substandard rooms, ants in suitcases, and hotels with stinky or stinky rooms.

“Many people had to contact their employers and couldn’t provide up-to-date information about when to return to work.”

They said they were notified in Greece after 6 pm and were told that there would be no planes tonight as there are many people who are dissatisfied with the quality of the hotel saying “the room is very bad”. rice field.

A TUI spokesperson said:

“Everyone was able to stay at the hotel and food was provided. We will contact you and update them with a revised travel plan as soon as possible.

“We understand that delays are frustrating and thank all the affected passengers for their patience. Passengers on this flight are entitled to regulatory compensation and have information on how to file a claim. It has already been sent. “

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