How to travel and vacation now!

(WBNG)-Spring is here, and for many, it means that travel is also in the air.

But between soaring gas prices and wars abroad, can and should you travel? Travel Expert Meena Thiruvengadam TravelWithMeena.Com Tell me how to do it!

World-renowned journalist and traveler Meena Thiruvengadam has traveled to 47 states, 53 countries and 6 continents in the United States. She describes herself as a voluntary traveler who enjoys appearing at her airport and going wherever she can be sent.

But Mina shares that the pandemic has changed her approach significantly.

“I’m trying to book an overseas trip for at least a month, but I might also book a domestic trip. Sometimes I try to book 3 weeks in advance, but when you’re in that range, you’re You might start paying more for your tickets, and today with fuel surcharges and everything else. That’s not what you really want to do! “Tilvengadam says.

In addition to having to plan a trip before, Meena says travel now requires a novel approach. Also, this year there is a labor shortage due to the labor shortage that many companies have to deal with. ”

Due to the large number of people and not all of them practicing, it takes time for basic tasks such as check-in, so it is recommended to arrive early.

“If you’ve previously found the airport line to be a hassle, wait until your next trip,” says Mina. She also emphasizes conducting extensive research prior to her trip to ensure that she knows what is happening at the destination she plans to visit.

Although there is a reduction in COVID cases and infectious diseases in the United States, Meena suggests preparing for COVID restrictions despite the relaxation of obligations.

“You need to plan to bring a face mask. There are some places where you need a mask indoors, like Panama and Portugal. There are other places where you need a mask outdoors, so you Will want to have it with you, and potentially plan to take a lot of COVID-19 tests. Coronavirus testing on Americans currently vaccinated on overseas trips In the United States, you will need to take a COVID-19 test and test negative on your way home, and at destinations on certain islands in the Caribbean, several times during your stay. We need to test, “says Mina.

Finally, especially when traveling abroad with conflicts and wars, Mina emphasizes the importance of being a caring traveler, especially with refugees in mind.

“The biggest thing I recommend to people is to think about where you are going. You may find that tourist accommodation is in high demand for refugees,” says Mina.

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