Sightseeing on foot helps reduce your carbon footprint while traveling (Photo: Adobe)

Whether you’re considering a shot of the winter sun or planning a stay, the financial cost of travel isn’t the only thing to consider.

The pandemic seems to have facilitated a new appreciation of our freedom to roam and a shift towards being more environmentally conscious.

According to’s Sustainable Travel Report, 3 out of 5 travelers say they want to travel more sustainably due to the pandemic.

Buying locally and embracing culture is good for the environment (Photo: Adobe)

Of course, easier said than done. Especially since refraining from air travel is one of the most impactful levers.

For example, taking the Eurostar from London to Avignon, France instead of taking a plane reduces CO2 emissions per passenger by 93% from 281 kg to 18 kg.

But if you can’t avoid flying, or if you’ve already chosen a more sustainable way to travel and want to reduce your impact even further, there are plenty of other options.

“Travel and tourism contributes about 8% of the world’s total greenhouse gas emissions, and as a business in this industry we cannot afford to ignore this,” said Oliver, co-founder of Oliver’s Travels. Bell says.

“By making responsible decisions and taking urgent action, Oliver’s Travels’ goal is to be net zero and to be a force for positive change, not only in the travel industry, but in the wider community.”

The company has launched a new slow travel package that allows guests to reduce their CO2 emissions by up to 90% and increase their impact on the local community.

Charlie Cotton is the founder of ecollective, a sustainability consultancy firm committed to helping travel companies make a positive impact.

His tips for reducing your carbon footprint while traveling include choosing your destination and accommodation.

“More and more travelers are looking for sustainable travel options, and travel companies are taking notice of this,” Charlie said.

If you cannot find information about your preferred accommodation’s environmental commitment or certifications online prior to booking, it is worth contacting them directly as they should be able to obtain this information.

“An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint while traveling is to choose destinations that have already started switching to renewable energy,” Charlie said.

10 tips for tourists to reduce their carbon footprint

Sustainability expert Charlie Cotton shares tips on how people can travel more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint while on vacation.

1 Choose your accommodation carefully

2 Choose your destination carefully.

3 Don’t assume you have to give up your luxuries.

4 Are you using it? Then turn it off.

“It may sound obvious, but turn off lights, TVs, and other gadgets when you don’t need them.”

5 Buy locally and embrace the culture.

6 Reduce intake of high-carbon foods.

8 Use low-carbon modes of transport.

9 Or… don’t use transport at all. Take a human-powered adventure instead.

“Ditch the quad bike and get your heart pumping with a bike instead.”

10 Remember to “leave no trace”.

When you visit a destination, don’t let anyone know you’ve visited it.