just a while ago I wrote about Google flights, is probably the most convenient tool for comparing airfares. In this post, I would like to cover another website that I use all the time when planning my air travel.

Almost every day I want to know what direct flights are available from the airport and which airlines operate them. Sometimes you do this for a trip you’re actually planning, and other times you plan a fake trip that you hope to do at some point.

So whether you’re planning to travel from a major airport that serves almost everywhere, or a smaller airport with limited service, you have a choice. You can know And that led me to an often-overlooked website for these purposes.

Wikipedia airport page lists destinations

Normally, if you Google something like “direct flights from Tampa airport”, most of the results aren’t really particularly helpful, understandable, or accurate. We often see advertisements for online travel agencies. These ads are only intended to get you to book a ticket, not to provide you with the information you actually need.

If you want to know which direct flights are available from a particular airport, your best bet is to visit that airport’s Wikipedia page. Scroll down to the “Airlines and Destinations” section and you’ll see a nice chart listing all destinations from the airport by airline. for example, Click here for Tampa Airport (TPA) page.

Wikipedia page for Tampa Airport

This is Wikipedia, so the information may not be 100% accurate (as is the case with nearly everything on the internet).

Now, one might wonder if this is actually useful for a major airport serving many destinations. I think this is especially true as flights from some airlines (e.g. Southwest Airlines) are often not shown by online travel agencies.

Personally, I find this most useful for smaller airports, which I’m not very familiar with. For example, I would like to visit Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to continue exploring ways to achieve this from a creative aviation angle.go to Wikipedia page for Manas International Airport (FRU) Great place to start.

Wikipedia page for Bishkek Airport

FlightFrom also shows direct flights

Wikipedia does the trick for me, but I have to mention it flightfrom.com A good alternative. Just enter an airport code or departure city and we’ll show you all the airlines and how often they fly to each destination from there.

From the flight search page
From the flight search results page

With more information than Wikipedia, why aren’t you interested in Flight From? And actually finding a direct flight from the airport is only the first step in my research when booking flights.

Once you understand the basics of air service to the airport, head over to Google Flights and continue your search there. Frankly, I think a lot of the information displayed here is superfluous for my purposes.


It may be useful to know which direct flights are available from a particular airport. Especially because of the number of new point-to-point routes we see these days. There are many websites that provide this information, but I find Wikipedia to be the best and easiest resource to use.

Along with Google Flights, this is one of my favorite tools for planning flights.

Anyone looking up direct flights on Wikipedia’s airport page? Or do you prefer another resource?