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2022 Flying Coach teeth Experience of emptying your wallet with annoyance.. Depending on the airline you fly, Have to pay Everything from WiFi And headphones with apple juice Benefits of pre-seat selection..And when you can escape without paying, it’s certainly a rare flight Any Baggage charge, whether Is your suitcase oversized? Simply bBecause it exists.

However, some travelers have found creative ways around airlines to nosely charge the most basic travel essentials (Like bringing clothes)..

avoid Avoid additional baggage charges with duty-free bags

If you want to carry an additional “bag” on board and avoid additional charges, make it plastic. It should be tall, strong and opaque, with a “duty free shop” engraved on the side.Because, as flight attendant Miguel Muñoz said“Duty-free bags are not counted as carry-on baggage” —Facts that many travelers are unaware of.

Most airlines with your suitcase Carry on, they won’t charge you for a bag full of what you just have (Wink wink) Purchased at the airport. Any bag that looks like it came from one of the airport shops is fine, but it’s useful if you can’t see through.

The use of duty-free bags can be done in advancePlanned (like, like) Use it as carry-on baggage for books, umbrellas and training sneakers on purpose.). Alternatively, you can save it in case the weight of the bag exceeds the limit at check-in and the airline wants to charge an additional weight. At that point, take out some of the heaviest items and put them in a convenient dandy duty-free bag. As Frommer’s “II haven’t violated the rules. It’s just a loophole. “

Munoz (Who did not disclose The airline he works for) admits he is using this method himself upon Vacation to avoid overage charges. “When I see a person on board with a duty-free bag that looks like very Not only one bottle of perfume or wine is included, so I always think they are using it for this purpose. However, many crew members are unaware of this and most are unaware of it. If you board with one piece of permitted luggage and a tax exemption bag containing some of your belongings, no one will say anything. “

good, now They may be. This hack is also prevalent on TikTok, so airlines may start monitoring it. Use it as much as possible. ((((And this method Whenever it fails, “Pack clothes in an empty pillowcase hack.. “)