After the first and second waves of the pandemic, more people are starting their trips and using different means of transportation for their trips. Some prefer private cars, while others rely on public transport networks. Today, many travelers prefer to travel by bus or train to explore different parts of the country. We’ve featured some videos on the internet about cars modified from DC, but here’s a Volvo Bus customized by DC.

The video was uploaded by 200 trips On their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger is traveling by bus from Mumbai to Bhopal. He booked a sleeper bus to carry passengers from Mumbai to Bhopal in about 14-15 hours. Vlogger chose this bus operator because there is a customized Volvo B11R bus on this route. In this video, vlogger describes the facilities offered by this bus compared to a regular night bus.

Vlogger boarded the bus from Source Point and he was the only passenger. It is a huge bus, about 14 to 15 meters long. The bus is equipped with the D8K, an in-line 6-cylinder engine that produces 380 Ps to 460 Ps. It has a huge 600 liter fuel tank and the engine is coupled to an automatic transmission. The engine of this bus is mounted at the rear. What makes this Volvo B11R special is its appearance. The appearance of this bus is completely customized by DC.

The bus looks like a caravan designed for some celebrities. The bass does the job of dual tone paint in black and orange, and only a small part of the bass has large glass windows. All other seats have a small round window similar to that found on cruise ships. Vlogger has spoken to the bus driver, stating that he has been driving the Volvo B11R bus for almost 10 years and regularly follows the routes that vlogger is currently traveling.

The bus has a maximum capacity of 38 people and has bunk beds for passengers. One passenger is moored on the left side and two passengers can be carried on the right side. The bus has air suspension so passengers can move more comfortably. The driver states in the video that the bus will consume nearly 600-650 liters of diesel to go from Mumbai to Bhopal and back to Mumbai. There are two drivers on the bus, and after the first driver’s shift is over, another driver will drive the bus.

Like other Volvos, on night buses, luggage is placed in an externally accessible compartment. What makes this Volvo even more special is that the DC version of the bus has a washroom inside the bus. This means the minimum number of stops during a long journey. Overall, the bus looks beautiful and definitely looks premium. According to Vlogger, the approximate cost of this bus is between Rs 1.5 and Rs 2.