Bakersfield, Calif. (KERO) — 2022, Houqing Community Blood Bank We launched an all-new donor incentive called the Passport Program. Anyone who donated platelets or plasma more than her six times in 2022 was automatically enrolled in the Passport Program. His 2022 Grand Prix won by donor Manuel Deniz was a trip to Hawaii courtesy of HCBB. leg travel.

In 2023, HCBB has decided to double the chances of donors winning big with two holidays. Donors must donate platelets or plasma at least six times to participate in the Passport Program.

Our first getaway for 2023 is Royal Caribbean’s 4-night Valentine’s Day cruise to Ensenada, Catalina Island, Mexico. sea ​​navigatorThe winner of that trip will be announced on Memorial Day.

A second trip winner, announced after the end of 2023, will receive a LEG Travel $1,000 gift card.

All donors eligible to participate in the Passport Program will receive a custom donor passport with their name, donor ID, and blood type.

Kathleen Lowry, owner and agent of LEG Travel, said she agreed to join the passport program because local blood donations are important.

“Because of the high demand for platelets and short self-life expectancy, we decided to join Houchin’s efforts to increase donors in our community. I am delighted to have played a small role in ,” Lowry said in a statement.

Anyone interested in donating platelets or plasma is encouraged to call 661-323-4222 to make an appointment. A platelet donor he can donate every 7 days and a plasma donor he can donate every 4 weeks. For more information on donor eligibility, donor center hours and locations, and the Passport Program, please visit: Houqing Community Blood Bank website.