He said the initiative resonated with students (representative)


The principal of a public school in a small village here has announced free air, rail and car travel for its brightest students to improve their academic performance.

Sandeep Sharma, principal of the government high school in Balag, pays for the trip out of his own pocket. The quiet village is located on the Kotkai-Solang road about 60 km from Shimla.

High achievers in classes 11 and 12 will be given air travel to Chandigarh or Dharamshala and top scorers in classes 9 and 10 will be able to travel to Delhi on the Kalka-New Delhi Shatabdi Express .

Those who pass the exam in classes 6, 7 and 8 will be taken on an expedition to Chandigarh, Mr Sharma said.

He said the idea is to create healthy competition among students and motivate them to work hard.

“This will not only lift their spirits but also give them exposure as many of them have never visited a big city. The students are already excited,” he told PTI. .

Sharma believes that sponsoring trips is a better idea than giving prize money, as it helps students see and learn new things and gain confidence.

He said the initiative resonated with the students and encouraged them to spend more time studying.

Earlier, Sharma spent Rs 100,000 to renovate his alma mater Government High School in Cheog.

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