The woman doesn’t know what to do after her boyfriend says she may not be with her in three months.

she is Redditof”Relationship adviceForum for advice. Her boyfriend began to behave strangely when she wanted to plan her vacation in three months. Then he told her she didn’t know if they were still a couple by then.

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“My boyfriend said I don’t want to Book It’s a holiday because we don’t know if we’re still together, “she said. Explanation.. “Both my boyfriend and I wanted to go on vacation for three years now, but it was canceled because of a pandemic.”

“Well, I suggested going to June this year, but when I asked him about it (I was excited) for the past two weeks, he didn’t seem to want to talk about it. Today he made an excuse that I don’t have money. As I said, ok, I can pay, and you always give me it because we have 3 months Can be returned, but i want Book Don’t sell out “

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She continued to put pressure on him on this issue, and his reaction surprised her.

“He was screaming that he wouldn’t sell out, but obviously he would sell out,” she said. I have written.. “Finally, he told me he didn’t book anything because he doesn’t guarantee we’ll be together. [that] He doesn’t want to waste money …

“I do nothing to make him think of this. [It’s] He seems to behave strangely for the past two weeks. Maybe he has other plans. I’ve been waiting for this moment for 3 years, and now does he say this? what should I do? “

Redditors I thought their relationship was heading for fate.

“He’s probably already in the middle of the door. Maybe Cheating.. In any case, he’s done.I’m sorry ” Said..

“He wants to break up — he has no guts. Don’t waste your money on vacation with this guy,” said another. I have written..

“After spending three years together, if he doesn’t know if you’re still together months from now, you need to cut it off,” someone said. comment..

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