Prior to its debut at Walt Disney World, Genie + was called a “paid fastpass,” but now the company is implicitly confirming this through a new warning aimed at lowering expectations. In this post, we’ll look at language changes, why they’re likely to be added, and more.

This new warning (of some sort) is coming rear Walt Disney World has moved individual Lightning Lane attractions to Genie + Until August 7, 2022. This improves the quality of the Genie + experience, improves availability, and (theoretically) The number of standard Lightning Lane selections you can earn each day when attendance is high.

The move mimics what was made for last Christmas season, many Problems with Lightning Lane and Paid Fastpass Services. They range from increasing technical difficulties to inventory limits for boarding reservations when the entire system and infrastructure are being used more. In any case, this is’s official “lower expectations” phrase. Disney Genie + Lightning Lane Entrance page:

When purchasing Disney Genie + services to the next level, you can select the next available arrival window at the entrance to the Lightning Lane at the selected attraction or entertainment.With this unique service, new Lightning lane entrance With carefully selected attractions and experiences at Walt Disney World theme parks. If the first choice is made early in the day, guests can, on average, use the entrance to the Lightning Lane to enter a few attractions or experiences per day.

You can enjoy the entrance to Disney Genie + Lightning Lane once a day. If you want to switch back to an attraction or watch a particular show on the same day, you can use the regular standby line.

The relevant new text is: “If the first choice is made early in the day, guests can use the entrance to the Lightning Lane to enter an average of 2-3 attractions or experiences per day.” (From H / t) Scott Gastin For discovering this change. )

This statement has been added to various locations on and MyDisneyExperience, including various in-app pop-ups that appear before you purchase the Genie + service.Then Walt Disney World is very clear Want The guest sees this message and is trying to manage (read: low) expectations about what can be achieved through the Lightning Lane line skip service.

This is an implicit approval by Walt Disney World, and it’s clear to longtime fans why Genie + is actually paying FastPass +. If not, 3 is the number of attractions that can be pre-booked with the free FastPass + service. This means that Genie + is essentially another name for a $ 16 daily ticket price increase.

In fact, it’s not just $ 16 daily ticket price increase. As Disney points out, this is the number that can be achieved if the first choice is made earlier in the day. This means you have to wake up around 7am every day on vacation. Oh, and you will also need to overcome the MDX app errors of the day. (Is it a flood of email verification codes, a random crash, a link error, or something else? Who knows? And isn’t it the thrill of it? !! ??).

In other words, Genie + costs more than the free FastPass +, whether financially, on vacation, or frustrated. (Some of these same obstacles were present in FastPass +, but at least they were shifted a month or two before your trip, so you couldn’t really ruin the day. on vacation.. )

This change also occurs when the Genie + system is under heavy stress due to increased attendance at Walt Disney World. Many recent reports have overcome this, but in winter it has (almost) returned to pre-closed highs. February was the busiest month of the last two years at Walt Disney World..

Spoiler Note: March 2022 is scheduled to “take the throne” last month due to its suspicious distinction, with an average waiting time of 47 minutes for all Walt Disney World attractions. This is two minutes longer than last month and may not seem like much, but it definitely sums up. If your Disney Park Pass reservation is a sign (They are very), April will be as good as or even worse than March and February.

As a result of our experience in the last few months, we have warned that Genie + has become less useful and not all of our park touring strategies. for that, Genie + v at Walt Disney World. Savvy standby strategy, This is the result of extensive “testing” to determine the best and worst ways to defeat the current crowd. (We did a lot of work on it, and it should be Unbelievably Helps you plan without being overwhelmed. )

The only park where Genie + was a clear winner was Magic Kingdom. Everywhere else, there was a great strategy to save time waiting in line. This also applies to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, which previously strongly recommended purchasing Genie + services. For DHS, we called Genie + a “last resort option.” This can cause headaches, but it’s not just a standby line. Brutal With DHS.

We also shared our recent day’s experience with Genie + at both Magic Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (see). My day using Genie + Lightning Lanes at the peak crowd at Disney’s Hollywood Studios When My day using Genie + for Spring Break 2022 at Magic Kingdom).

If you read them, you’ll notice that I’ve done much more than the Walt Disney World warning suggests. Please note that the company statement is preceded by “on average”. When it comes to using Genie + and Lightning Lanes, I’m not average. It may sound like a humble bragging, and I guess some things, but that would be a pretty lame point of pride. I suspect my parents are proud of their friends that their son has mastered an unnecessarily complex queuing system.

Best of all, it recognizes the complexity of Genie + and the difference between power users and first-time users.That’s why we have ~ 4,500 words Genie + Guide in Walt Disney World & Lightning Lane FAQ With another 12+ posts for anyone who wants to fully master the new paid Fastpass system. It’s not easy, but knowledge can help you achieve better results.

That said, I think Walt Disney World’s average of a few is pretty low for Magic Kingdom.On a busy day, even a rough understanding of the system will give guests a rough understanding of the system. simply You can achieve twice that number of attractions through the Lightning Lane. That is the advantage of a more comfortable park. If you only care about the headliner, the other three parks are probably in the 2-3 range.

(Now this is of interest to me. How many Lightning Lanes could I book if I used Genie + in the last two months or the holiday season? Please share.)

We have been incredibly disappointed with Genie + and Lightning Lanes as a whole, even while it works for us. Our initial view before launch was that a paid Fastpass was inevitable, “May have been worse.. My biggest frustration at the time was the message. Walt Disney World couldn’t tell how the system worked and how the various Lightning Lanes worked. (In my view, it hasn’t been improved enough yet.)

Admits he was more bullish on Genie + than the average Walt Disney World fan at the time. I feel wrong and apologize to you. I was hoping for something better for Walt Disney World with the Genie system. This optimism was based on MaxPass’s experience at Disneyland and was largely positive.

For blogs that are known to literally think too much about everything, I should have thought more about that analysis. Disneyland is a terrible comparison to three of Walt Disney World’s four parks due to the large number of vehicles it actually has. (Like its predecessor Genie + works well at Disneyland… Subtracting some new technical issues and rule quirks. )

We also didn’t anticipate technical issues, frustrating user interfaces, or obvious lack of functionality. Call this a “failure of imagination”. I’m definitely familiar with everything related to DisneyIT. (In my defense, MaxPass Right there As a template, there were no issues at this level. Leave it to Disney to reinvent the wheel and make it square. We also dramatically underestimated the number of guests buying Genie + at Walt Disney World. As more people buy Genie +, Lightning Lane becomes less available and more competitive.

After all, it’s tough and sad for Genie + and Lightning Lanes. The “success” of this system comes at the expense of tech beginners and less knowledgeable guests. Many drop $ 16 per person and have little benefit. This is not just theoretical. At this point, we received feedback from literally hundreds of guests who reported it.

If a third-party blog receives this kind of negative review about Genie + and Lightning Lanes, there’s absolutely no way the company hasn’t heard the same from guests. I’ve noticed that the queue at Guest Relations is getting longer and I’ve heard that refunds issued to Genie + are becoming more common. They are undoubtedly receiving negative feedback online through social media and research.

By the way, company executives praise Disney Genie for its improved per-guest spending and popularity at recent earnings announcements and various meetings. One of the most noticeable omissions from this commentary is the guest satisfaction score. In the first few quarters after Walt Disney World reopened, the resilience of these numbers was regularly advertised. Since Genie’s debut, they have been silent on the topic quarterly. Why do you think? !!

Ultimately, whenever words like this “2-3 attraction” warning are added to lower expectations, there’s a reason. Disney has sophisticated research and research equipment, and I strongly suspect that the “results” from guests who have purchased Genie + in the past few months may never be positive. Of course, that’s just a guess. Maybe the understated guests love Genie + and the backlash here and elsewhere on the internet isn’t right. (This could come down as the best unintended joke this blog has ever told.)

There is no perfect solution to be fair to Genie + and Lightning Lanes. FastPass + has a steep learning curve as well, and planning a ride 30 or 60 days before vacation was counterintuitive for most guests. Paper Fastpass was physically demanding and people had to traverse the park endlessly (Do you remember the runners?).Neither was this It was stressful and confusing, at least they weren’t directly monetized (Many can be forgiven when it’s free!). I certainly hope Walt Disney World pays attention to guest satisfaction and feedback. Genie + works well for me (and it’s possible for you), but you don’t have to be a power user who has taken a short intensive course of system strategy to have a good day in the park.

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