Furious passengers were spotted smashing screens and booing staff at Luton Airport after their flight was delayed in the snow.

of recent weather in england Flight delays and cancellations occurred one after another as the temperature dropped to -15°C.


Passengers blame Wizz Air after flight canceled and stranded
Some were stuck at the airport for days


Some were stuck at the airport for days

And desperate travelers said their flights were canceled and they were just stuck at the airport for days.

Videos circulating online show passengers tapping on airport screens and booing staff.

One of the affected flights appeared on Wizz Air flight W63006 from Luton to Bucharest.

People took to social media to complain, with one passenger tweeting:

More flights canceled across UK due to snow, affecting 10,000 passengers
Will snow cancel my flight?

“Get it sorted out. People are going insane. Kids are in hell. It’s like prison. Get it sorted out…it’s absolutely disgraceful.”

Another said he was forced to wait for hours in a crowded room and was “treated like livestock.”

A man said, ‘Please help the passengers of W63006 who are stuck at Luton Airport for 24 hours.

“We have a sick passenger and a family with small children. The flight has already been ‘rescheduled’ once. “

In an earlier statement about the flight cancellation, Wizz Air said, “While the Wizz Air team is making every effort to resume operations, there are factors beyond the airline’s control, such as weather conditions.

“Wizz Air has sent information about the current status and the possibility of rebooking flights to passengers who have booked directly on wizzair.com or the mobile app.

“Passengers booking through intermediaries or travel agents should contact the affiliate for this information.”

Sun Online Travel has reached out to Wizz Air for additional comment.

More flights canceled 10,000 passengers are affected today.

Manchester Airport on Saturday Forced to close both runways because of heavy snow.

a desperate family forced to sleep on the airport floor Weekend after flights were delayed and cancelled.

Everything you need to know about you is here Flight canceled due to snow.

The heavy snow brought great trouble to the whole country.


The heavy snow brought great trouble to the whole country.