Members of STAMFORD — Troop 15 Stamford traveled to Philmont Scout Ranch, New Mexico for 61 miles of backpacking trekking, but instead hiked 75 miles.

According to Lee Bowbir, who participated in the adventure, traveling boys and adult leaders faced side hikes and detours due to submerged paths and washed-out bridges.

“All hikers carried everything they needed for two weeks, including food, water, clothing, shelters,” Bowbeer wrote in the report.

According to Bowbeer, “Philmont is one of four high-adventure bases owned and operated by Scout BSA. Scouting experience in a youth-led program to test boy scout skills such as orienteering, camping and first aid. Often regarded as the apex of.

“Every day, the crew is tasked with hiking 5-12 miles to the next day’s camp for a variety of activities such as rifle and shotgun shooting, gold bowls, pole climbing, donkey packing, and challenge course initiatives. Participating. Many camps feature staff depicting characters from the Western Pioneer era, and every night there is a campfire program with last year’s songs.

“Along the way, the crew must use maps and compasses to navigate the route, crossing everything from steep rocky climbs to the intersection of deep-knee streams,” Bowbeer wrote.

During the trip, the crew bumped into the summit of Mount Boldie, 12,441 feet high.

According to Bowbeer, Troop 15 had planned a trip to Philmont for over three years. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the original date, Summer 2020, has been cancelled.

“The trip in 2021 is a testament to the military’s patience and PSR commitment to keep the Scouts safe. While the group is in the base camp and every time they come into contact with other units along the trail. All COVID procedures have been performed in, “Bowbeer wrote.