Holiday Packaging can be a taxable process.

In fact, research shows that overall tasks can make travelers unwilling to bother with the entire journey.

But for flight attendants, it’s just another day in the office.Of course, when your work depends trip Worldwide, packing and unpacking suitcases is a second property.

Thankfully, for those who aren’t used to traveling around the globe, mirror Collected some of the top packing hacks offered by Emirates Cabin crew-and the tricks they picked up on the runway.

Here are some of the best packing tips for flight attendants.

Make a list

Create a checklist of everything you need. Not only does this save you time packing, but it also reduces the risk of forgetting the essentials you need for your trip.

Roll your clothes, not fold them

Try rolling your clothes firmly. Not only does this mean it’s compact and leaves extra space, but this method also helps reduce wrinkles!

Pack versatile items

Choose flexible clothing for different situations, such as jeans or plain T-shirts. This is a simple and effective way to reduce your dose and reserve enough space for all the other necessities you need. (Or as a holiday souvenir!).

Always leave extra space

You may not be buying souvenirs, but you never know. If you see something in your eyes or find yourself shopping unexpectedly, you don’t have to worry about putting everything in an already full suitcase.

Use a packing cube

These are great ways to compress clothes and accessories, maximize suitcase space, and keep items from moving too much. You can also use them to organize your outfits and unpack them quickly and easily.

Wear your heaviest item

Do I need to wear a coat or jacket? Wear it on your trip, not in a suitcase. This will help save some important space (and help limit the weight of the bag!).

Choose a refillable travel bottle

They are environmentally friendly and prevent you from consuming more products than you need. Don’t forget to label them clearly-and use a stain-proof pen!

Avoid overfilling

Start by packing only what you plan to use and stick to the checklist. After all, if you need extra items or forget something, most of the time you can buy them at your travel destination.

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