Families facing higher prices for vacations

Los Angeles (CNN)-As the pandemic subsides, many American families feel that vacation is urgently needed.

But just as the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted, travel prices are rising.

Some families who haven’t traveled much in the last couple of years have decided to go on a trip despite the shock of the stickers.

In California, tourists pay some of the highest gas prices in the country. Tourists are also paying higher airfares at an average price of over $ 500 per night, driven by unprecedented demand and higher hotel rates, like Miami Beach.

According to a recent search on the travel website Kayak, the average domestic flight to Panama City, Florida, for example, is $ 494. In March 2019, it will average over $ 300.

The Kabbalahs flew from Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Los Angeles.

“When I left here, I realized that things are very expensive now,” said one family.

According to the kayak, they decided to oppose the rental car. The average car rental in the US averages $ 76 a day, more than $ 20 higher than it was two years ago.

Restrictions and guidance related to cruises, boosters, travel masks, etc. have been relaxed or are moving in that direction. (CNN)

But even without a rental car, the family said they were spending more money than they would actually fly west on Uber.

This is probably because regular gas averages over $ 4 per gallon this month. This is the highest ever, up from $ 2.51 in March 2019.

This has influenced Kami Farhadi, Chairman of Starline Tours. He states that the company normally spends $ 100 a day on bus fuel and now spends $ 200 a day.

“We’re still keeping prices at this point, but instead of waiting until summer, we should consider moving to full summer pricing right now,” Farhadi said.

Kayaking hotel rates average about $ 300 per night, up about $ 70 from March 2019.

Even theme parks cost you more, from paid express lines to more expensive food.

“People are accepting it, and they’re going. Now they may be making adjustments along the way,” said travel agency Elaine Edwards.

The cheapest one-day Disney tickets have remained the same price since 2019, but have fewer days in the “value season”.

Meanwhile, the discount tracking website Mousesavers shows that Disneyland and Disney World’s most expensive types of tickets surged 11% or 12% from two years ago during the busiest season.

“Some families say they need to get out of the house now, no matter where they go or how much it costs, and they will shrink later,” Edwards said.

New forecasts show that food and gas prices will rise. (Ukrainian Navy Armed Forces via CNN, KDKA, UNTV, FACEBOOK, Ukrainian State of Emergency, US EIA)

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