There are two guarantees of New England weather: A) it will be unstable and B) it will be cold from time to time. Whether after the sun sets after a winter, spring, summer, or autumn, warm summer day, or part of a long winter freeze, you are never safe from the cold weather. Fortunately, there is a solution. It’s a bathtub. Not surprisingly, it may not be convenient to have any of these at home, so with these AirBnbs you can relax with warm foam-filled nights (or mornings or afternoons), regardless of the season. You can enjoy your weekend vacation. ..

Photo by Wayne Tremblay of Apex Virtual Media

Berkshire Hathaway
It has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 9 people. From $ 297 per night

Nothing beats this lodge-like mountain view at the top of Berkshire Peak. Of course, it can get chilly at night at the altitude where the bathtub enters. Enjoy the magnificent sunrise and sunset on the stone patio against the backdrop of the sound of a waterfall in the backyard. .. The interior of the house is just as nice, with high ceilings and a dramatic stone fireplace that is as beautiful as the mountain views.

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Photo by Jon Azize

Rhode Island Coast Cabin
It has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. From $ 400 per night.

Who said the log hut is only for the forest? Located in Charlestown, Rhode Island, this beach is close to the beach, so you can catch the waves if you’re visiting during the warmer months. But if it’s chilly, you can stay warmer in the indoor hot tub. When you’re ready to dry, there’s a fire pit outside to make s’mores, or a game room for pool tables, ping pong, and foodsball rounds.

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Woody New Hampshire Getaway
2 bedrooms for up to 6 people. From $ 120 per night

You can enjoy the wilderness of New Hampshire without leaving this rental. This double-barreled house has an oversized wooded backyard with grills, fire pits and, of course, hot tubs. If for some reason it’s too cold to even soak in the water, you can head indoors where the wood stove offers the opportunity to curl up in a fire while enjoying a great time indoors.

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House of pillars and beams in the mountains
It has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 8 people. From $ 586 per night

Hot tub on the private deck of a house overlooking the mountains: what’s good? Some might argue that the location of this contemporary spot is even more attractive given that it’s just minutes from those mountain trails and delights ski bunnies everywhere. If you don’t want to freeze, you can shop in a nearby town, enjoy a restaurant, or wrap up your invoice and enjoy the fireplace.

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Cottage Retreat in Western Massachusetts
2 bedrooms for up to 4 people. From $ 264 per night

From winter ski trails to shops in nearby downtown Great Barrington, enjoy all the best Berkshire in this cottage. Whatever your taste, you can return to the end of your day trip and enjoy this rental overlooking the beautiful forests of the area. The hot tub here is on a 500 square foot deck and you can take a short nap in a hammock overlooking the backyard.

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Photo by James Tresseys

Bohemian bungalows in Vermont
2 bedrooms for up to 5 people. From $ 225 per night

This cozy and chic two-bedroom apartment is located in the heart of Winuski, just a short walk from restaurants, shopping, bars, coffee shops and the Winuski River. The location may be perfect for a busy weekend vacation, but you might not want to leave this chic little perch with a three-season pouch, a smart TV perfect for movie nights, and, of course, a brand new outdoor hot tub. Hmm.

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Photo by John Cilaris

Maine Waterfront Escape
It has 3 bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 people. From $ 485 per night

Life in this chalet is a bit more colorful … and not just because of the brand new hot tub LED lights overlooking the sand pond. Whether you’re sitting under a covered deck near a propane fireplace, having a backyard picnic on the patio, or enjoying water sports in the pond through a private dock, you’ll always enjoy this spot. can do. You may not want to go inside this rustic house, but if you can get away from the outdoors, cozy homes await lots of comfortable furniture and water views.