Market expansion continues recently $ 17.4 million A round of funding to further validate villa ownership at a fraction of the cost.

Salt Lake City, April 6, 2022 / PRNewswire /- EmberReal estate prop tech companies Newport Beach, California. The beginning of today. Ember’s radically simple platform will allow more families to own a villa in some of the western’s most popular destinations. By rethinking the vacation home experience through sharing, Ember leverages technology, innovation and services.

As part of California As the market expanded, Ember partnered with a world-renowned brokerage firm featured in the hit Bravo series Million Dollar List Los Angeles to support co-owners at all stages.

“Many villas are vacant, unused and unloved all year round. When a home becomes an Ember home, it can be used by families who want to be part of the community over the peak season. It’s guaranteed, “said Ember’s CEO. Kurt Avalel.. ” Orange County The area is at the top of the list of the following markets and we are excited to secure this home. “

Newport beach Known for its luxurious yet laid-back lifestyle. The charming coastal town has beautiful beaches and stunning views.Ember’s Anchor Home has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms Newport beach A peninsula house just a short walk from the ocean front. This Turnkey Beach Retreat is designed to allow owners to relax and unwind with family and friends. The exquisite hotel, carefully remodeled, has a sleek, modern and timeless design. All Ember homes include dedicated owner storage, professional interior design, high-end appliances and finishes.

“Co-ownership offers great opportunities for both homeowners and agencies. This is a trend that we all can expect to grow.” Chryss bond, Keller Williams Realty Real Estate Agent. “In cooperation with Ember Southern Utah In the market, we love that it’s a mutually beneficial model for everyone. “

How to use

Ember sharing is not a timeshare. Ember gathers scrutinized homebuyers to jointly own the property. With a one-eighth share of ownership, each owner spends up to 45 nights a year in the house. Ember’s end-to-end concierge services allow homeowners to spend a minimum amount of time on logistics and focus on the actual investment of spending a fulfilling time with family and friends.

Ember is actively hiring distributors and real estate concierges on the market. Southern California At a destination like Bend, Oregon; St. George, Utah; Santa Fe, New Mexico; more. The company works closely with realtors to offer a full buyer fee of 3% of the price of a home stock.Ember also has more than a dozen open UtahBase position in management, engineering, sales, and marketing positions in the company.

Stocks Newport beach The house will be available for purchase on your first stay at the house, which will be available in June. For more information on finding Ember’s home or co-ownership, please visit:

About Ember

Ember is a real estate proptech company rethinking the vacation home experience through technology, white glove services, and sharing. Ember has realized the dream of ownership of millions of villas. Ember’s innovative approach transforms traditional ownership by allowing co-owners to buy luxury properties, unleashing opportunities that most people previously thought were out of reach. .. Ember uses its own Ember app to streamline every step of the villa ownership process, from purchase to planning each stay, with the Ember Concierge in the personal market to manage everything from service to home maintenance. Improve your experience. Ember is a better way to own a villa. For more information,

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