Due to the delay in channel crossing, the driver stagnated along two main routes in Kent.

Under Operation Block, thousands of heavy trucks heading to Dover Harbor or the Channel Tunnel can be parked along the 23-mile section of the M20 from Junction 8 to Junction 11 and disrupt the surrounding roads. Caused.

This operation uses a mobile barrier to create a contraflow system that allows trucks to be queued and other traffic to continue moving in both directions. However, I am overwhelmed by the long lines every day from Friday.

The A20 Round Hill Tunnel will also be closed under the Dover TAP scheme to prevent the HGV from jumping cues.

Heavy trucks lined up in M20 operation block near Ashford, Kent on Thursday morning

The port of Dover urged passengers to “give enough time for their journey,” and said, “We are working tirelessly to move traffic as effectively as possible.”

“We have served 30,000 departing passengers, which is three times the corresponding weekend in 2021,” he said in a statement.

“Unfortunately, the start of a busy Easter holiday period coincided with the decline in ferry service and the continued impact of bad weather, affecting the rest of the operators at the beginning of the week, with one ship out of service for several days. Especially the delay of the freight. “

Easter break faces confusion

Those planning an Easter vacation are faced with the prospect of a more frustrating and perhaps more expensive trip than they had hoped when the vacation was planned.

In addition to traffic jams, there is the turmoil of traveling to France. P & O dismissal scandalAirports are struggling to meet higher demands and there is extensive engineering work planned on the railroad to limit everything.

Here, Sky News will look at how each major area of ​​travel is formed as the vacation rush accelerates.

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Investigation started in P & O


The loss of many P & O ferry services will have a major impact during Easter-Thursday morning, a row of trucks heading to Dover stretches 10 miles along Kent’s M20, and the surrounding routes are also clogged. Is reported.

There was a capacity gap, especially in the popular cross-channel service, as P & O was soaked in boiling water last month over the decision to make nearly 800 seafarers redundant in a video message.

This is on a ship with a new crew Safety check failed Others couldn’t run.

Importantly, the agreement is nearing the end, which means that rival DFDS will carry P & O passengers.

Starting Friday, scheduled flights from Dover or New Haven to France will no longer be able to accept P & O customers.

DFDS told Sky News that the 14-day contract could not be extended because the ship was already full.

“Looking at weekends and Easter, the booking level is very high, which unfortunately means that there is no spare capacity available to other operators.

“Of course, except during peak weekends, we will do everything we can to carry as many P & O customers as possible.”

The statement added: “We were also able to move traffic from shareness to a new unaccompanied route to Calais in order to add as many voyages as possible and reduce congestion in and around the port.”

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P & O Boss: Difficult’But Necessary Decisions’

The P & O ferry said it was preparing to resume service on “many important routes” and added that it was working with regulatory agencies to ensure that the vessel could navigate safely.

The Pride of Kent and Spirit of Britain vessels are expected to be ready to sail between the Strait of Dover and the Strait of Britain by next week, subject to regulatory approval.

According to the company, the European Causeway is also expected to sail between Larn and Cairnryan, along with the Pride of Hull between Hull and Rotterdam.

A spokeswoman said:

“Customers can contact the customer service team via email or phone to get a refund. If the trip is interrupted by P & O, we will also offer a free trip available later this year.”

Eurotunnel Shuttle cargo from the UK to France bans all people from the UK for 48 hours from Sunday night, after France fears the new coronavirus in the spread of the new coronavirus. It can be seen in Coquelles near the Curry in France.  December 22, 2020, Coronavirus disease in France (COVID-19)
The Eurotunnel Easter Holiday Season began last week

Getlink, which owns Eurostar and the Eurotunnel service, has some burden.

A Getlink spokesperson said:

“Perform up to four departures per hour during peak travel times so that everyone can travel.

“Our truck shuttle is also very heavily operated and additional departures are available to carry additional traffic.”

“Currently, Kent’s traffic congestion is the result of the absence of three P & O ferries from the short strait route during the busiest period of sustained cross-channel traffic since 2019,” he added.

It was said that strong winds were lagging behind in Dover on Thursday.


Airport and airline turmoil Last week’s theme Because Easter holidays began in some parts of the country and in many private schools.

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Queue for Manchester Airport Security

The main issue is staffing issues, which clearly cannot handle the recovery in demand seen for Easter due to the damage done to employment in the sector by the pandemic.

Airport passenger numbers will increase from this weekend to the following week, but the industry group AOA is currently unable to estimate the expected number when contacted by Sky News.

A combined effort to hire new workers and settle lines that have hit Heathrow, Manchester, Birmingham, etc. is a backlog of security clearance procedures for working “airside.”

These are currently understood to take up to 6 months to complete.

At Manchester Airport, which has endured some of the worst queues, additional police officers have been brought in to help handle the queue, and perhaps the frayed temperament.

Some airlines operating there also offer vacationers the opportunity to check their bags the night before the flight.

The shortage of border force staff is emphasized as exacerbating passenger delays while some people are being rejected by the airport for not having the correct COVID document for their destination.

A spokesman for Heathrow Airport, Britain’s largest airport, told Sky News that it has as many additional staff as possible to deal with the rush.

“Easter vacation is the first time that travel restrictions in the UK have been completely lifted since the pandemic began, and we anticipate an unseen number of passengers since early March 2020.

“We’ve been preparing for this for months, but like most airports, we expect the travel experience to be a bit longer during peak hours.”


Their efforts to regain speed have been hampered by COVID infections between staff-easyJet has hit the worst in the past week, with dozens of flights canceled daily.

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“Perfect Storm” hits British airports and airlines

British Airways canceled a few services due to staff illness, but the situation on the departure board is further complicated by the blockade of COVID in destinations affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and in China and elsewhere. increase.

The shortened schedule also reflected the struggle to fix the IT system that caused the worst disruption in February, and the flight program was shortened until the end of May while “rebuilding” operational resilience. ..

The advice for passengers is to check the required COVID clearance for your destination before arriving at the airport and leave enough time to clear check-in and security to avoid disappointment.


One of the characteristics of an Easter trip is that it is never easy to go by train.

Network Rail has traditionally emphasized three major tasks that disrupt passenger travel by performing significant maintenance using holidays away from peak commuting demand.

• The West Coast Main Line between London Euston and Milton Keynes Central will be closed throughout the Easter weekend. Customers planning a trip between London Euston and Scotland are advised to travel on either side of the long weekend. This has warned that it will affect Liverpool and Manchester City football supporters going to Wembley in the FA Cup semifinals on Saturday, April 16th, and Manchester City fans going to the Vitality Women’s FA Cup semifinals.

Celebrate with Jurgen Klopp after Diogo Jota and Fabinho defeat Nottingham Forest
Celebrate with Jurgen Klopp after Diogo Jota and Fabinho defeat Nottingham Forest to advance to the FA Cup semifinals

• Most trains detour to London Bridge, so it is not possible to operate Southern services with London Victoria.

• There are no direct trains between London and Stansted Airport on Easter, and buses will operate in place of the Stansted Express trains between Waltham Cross and the airport.


Soaring fuel prices are not expected to discourage many families who are anxious to reconnect after the end of restrictive COVID measures.

The survey itself from the car group on the expected number of going to the road on Easter weekend is not scheduled until next week, but it is already clear that the start of school holidays is very busy.

RAC estimates that 20.8 million leisure trips will be made by drivers this weekend alone.

According to a survey of plans for 1,435 drivers, Saturday could be the most seen on the road.

National highways urged drivers to plan their trips in advance, adding that road construction on major routes is not expected to cause more disruption than would be seen at the typical Friday peak.

He added that some work would be interrupted in time for the Easter weekend.