There are many ways for tourists to enjoy the tour. Those who like well-planned activities can travel with tour guides and travel packages, while those who have no schedule and prefer more free activities can travel in the backpacker’s way. Both are used equally to enjoy the trip, but only the methods and processes are different. There is usually a time limit when using tour guides and travel packages, and there is an additional cost to pay for the tour guide / purchase the travel package at a given price. On the other hand, for backpackers, the tour is done without a tour guide. Usually individually or in small groups of 2-4 people. A backpacker can also be interpreted as a person traveling on a limited budget. As a result, many unexpected situations can usually occur when making this trip. However, backpacker travel has many things to do, such as getting a better sense of the essence of the trip, getting to know many new people while traveling, practicing independence, and having more freedom to manage time and costs during the trip. There are advantages of. In addition, backpacking is performed without a tour guide, so there are usually endless obstacles that can occur.

To minimize the risks and problems you wouldn’t expect to be able to do some preparation before going backpacking. Here are six tips you can take before traveling the backpacker’s path.

Make detailed calculations before you leave. Before you leave for your backpacker, make sure your finances are good enough to keep your travel process calm and comfortable without fear of running out of money. Please elaborate on the costs you may incur so that you can keep costs down without inadvertently spending money. Therefore, travel planning is the first step you need to take to make your trip easier.

Find information about where to visit and conduct a survey. This survey was conducted across the range of tourist destinations, accommodations, available transportation, normal food prices and transportation costs. This should be done to make backpacking easier for us and to avoid being fooled by people or becoming more expensive. This is because foreign tourists usually get higher prices if they are not good at negotiating prices or if they do not know the original price.

Limit the items you can bring. This is done to avoid wasting space on your backpack. You don’t have to carry too many items as you will travel with your backpack later. That way, you can travel more freely and not be bothered by too many items.

Please bring something important. Here are some important items to carry with you when doing this backpacking: You need to carry your medicine because it will be easier to carry it when you need temporary treatment to avoid illness or bad things. There is a security device just in case. You should bring at least one small safety device that can be stored in a location that is easily accessible by hand. This is important when something is dangerous. This safety device can take the form of pepper spray, electric shock, etc. The next thing you need to bring is money and cash. Carrying a small amount of cash is also important to make the payment process more effective and faster.

Use promotions. When traveling to reduce costs, always check for promotions available in various applications, such as travel ticket promotions, promotions when buying food, hotels and other promotions. As much as possible, you should use the promotion as much as possible.

Make sure you are in good health and in optimal physical condition. Traveling in poor health can be one of the important things to keep in mind before you become a backpacker, as you may feel sick at tourist destinations and not be able to enjoy your vacation. Of course, this is very disappointing and is not expected to occur.

The above are tips you can do before backpacking, but there are some things you shouldn’t do when going on a backpacker trip. Here are some tips you shouldn’t or shouldn’t avoid when backpacking:

Don’t trust people easily. When traveling, we must become more anxious and more sensitive to situations that we can experience at any time. Because our opportunities and carelessness can lead to crime. So whenever we are careless, we can be fooled by bad people. Therefore, do not easily believe in suspicious offers or gifts from strangers.

When we go on a backpacker trip, do not be polite and uncluttered both during the trip and when arriving at your destination. We must be polite and polite. So that you can travel comfortably without disturbing others.

On backpacker trips to tourist destinations where you don’t want to be forced to buy items, there will be many traders who offer their merchandise and even tend to be aggressive. But if you really don’t want to buy it and you really don’t need it, don’t buy it even if you’re forced to do so. This is important to save money. It’s better to spend money to buy the goods as you wish and as originally planned.

It is hoped that by implementing “what to do” and “do not do” tips when traveling with backpacking, you can reduce the problems that occur when backpacking. Enjoy your vacation according to each goal so that you can enjoy the tour comfortably without any problems. Since vacation goals vary from person to person, some want to learn about new cultures, relax their minds, heal and rest in new places they have never visited.