For some guests, Disney’s demand seems to be a little too high.

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We recently reported on several guests facing issues with the Disney Park Pass booking system. After the reopening of Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, one of the new additions to Walt Disney World Resort is that you’ll need a Disney Park Pass to enter the park. The days of buying Disney Park tickets and strolling around your favorite park are over. Now you need to book My Disney Experience.

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The park is crowded, but the park is still operating with limited capacity. At this time, Disney doesn’t disclose that number, but it could be in a higher range as the shoulder-to-shoulder crowd is back. You will still need to collect and obtain a Disney Park Pass to enter the theme parks. As mentioned earlier, you can now create a park pass until 2024, so it doesn’t seem like you’re going anywhere right away.

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Disney CFO Christine McCarthy attended a Q & A session at Morgan Stanley’s 2022 Technology, Media and Telecom Conference. At a meeting. McCarthy has noticed some things that appeal to many Disney fans. Aside from saying that the character’s encounters and greetings will be back soon, we know it’s April 18th. She also said that Park’s abilities would never return to normal.

Disney seems to be “managing it differently now” because it can track how many guests are expected to be in each park. It supports crowd management, as well as daily staffing and demand. Disney seems to do so with the guest experience of “I don’t want the park to burst at the seams”, and reducing capacity allows guests to have more fun.

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The downside of this was that previously, guests rarely had to deal with “capacity” parks, especially if it wasn’t a holiday, but now Disney Park Passes are flying off the shelves!Recently reported in the week of March When many students are absent from school, Disney is almost full and eliminates the option of visiting fairly early.

The conversation continues as more guests now seem to have problems with booking their Disney Park Pass. Over the past few weeks, as the spring break continued, Disney World was flooded with guests, and with that demand, Walt Disney World has reached a high capacity.

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The Disney World website will prompt you to book a Disney Park Pass when you stay at Walt Disney World, but you will not be forced to understand what you need to do after the Park Pass. It seems that some guests are doing it. Their hopes are gone.

However, availability seems to be a major issue for guests who understand how to use the system. A Disney fan went to Reddit to explain that a group of eight people planning a trip to Walt Disney World couldn’t get a park pass for all guests, nor could they get a meal reservation for a larger group. I did. The vacation was paid for $ 10,000, which seems to allow guests to consider canceling.

I read the post:

My friend, who has two families with a total of eight, spends $ 10,000 to go to wdw in a week. Although it is not possible to secure a ride reservation with the same theme park, restaurant, or other family. He has it. to cancel.

Disney Station No. 50
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One guest said: “If you had a good plan in advance and read the website, you would have noticed that you need to book a park to get to the same park. For meals, split the party into two parties and at check-in. It would have been easier to ask them to sit together. Any vehicle can be lined up. “

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The availability of Disney Park Passes seems to be generally difficult these days. Cast members are also blocked from the park for most of the month.

Have you recently found it difficult to book a Disney Park Pass? How about booking a meal?

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