One of Kilkenny’s most popular attractions has remained closed for over two years, with no plans to reopen the site until early next year.

Dunmore Cave is one of Kilkenny’s top tourist attractions, attracting 40,000 visitors a year. However, it has not been open to the public since March 2020.

Deputy John McGuinness raised the issue with the Department of Public Works, saying, “Staying closed isn’t good enough.”

“In 2019, the cave was closed due to falling rocks inside the cave. At the time, certain work had to be done to make it safe. It is understandable and fair enough. .

“The vegetation was found there and had to be dealt with at that point and it was 2019. It still remains closed and frankly it’s not closed from 2019 enough,” he said. added that he had pursued the matter and received a response from OPW that they hoped to reopen Dunmore Caverns in 2023, but why it took so long to carry out the work. did not explain.

After conducting safety work in 2019, OPW was given an opportunity to review and address vegetation overgrowth when concerns around the monument were highlighted and when Ireland was put under lockdown, and Dunmore Cave will reopen in 2023. said it is expected to be .

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