After the cottages booked for the vacation were canceled and the host was able to accommodate Ukrainian refugees instead, those on vacation resolved their frustration.

The vacationer shared the situation with Mumsnet under the username DuvetHugger and revealed that he had booked a trip in Scotland in June of this year.

Despite booking pet-friendly accommodation, they claim they were issued when the host suddenly contacted them saying they couldn’t respect the booking recently.

Those who plan to become tourists write: “I have booked a ticket for a big gig there and am traveling from the south of England.

“I just received this email from them.” I applied to use the barn for Ukrainian refugees. If there are no problems, cancel for free. “

“We replied that we booked some activities etc, and she is confident that the place is not available at that time, we booked 8 months ago, and her response is next Was: “Sorry, you don’t have to book anything else.” Does AIBU consider this rude ?? Obviously, I’m accommodating refugees to them. I have nothing to disagree with, but I’m a little surprised. “

They sought advice on whether they were eligible to be angry at the “first world problem.”Family to live in“”

Duvet Hugger added, “Sure, she looks at the full booking diary and says,’I’m not in a position to use the barn to accommodate others, but book now to be able to book at a later date. Would you like to stop? “

Since February 24, more than 4.2 million Ukrainians have fled the country, according to data from the Operational Data Portal (ODP). As the numbers show, the majority travel to Poland and 2.4 million people cross the border.

The ODP states: “They need protection and support. In light of the magnitude of the emergency and humanitarian needs of refugees from Ukraine, regional refugee response between ministries is underway to support refugee acceptance efforts. .Country”

The graph below is StatistaShows the distribution of Ukrainian refugees as of March 29.

You will find more infographics in Statista

The post shared on Monday has collected over 350 answers and can be read. here..

In a comment, the user claimed to have booked the property from the website Dog Friendly Cottages and paid £ 600 ($ 789) for three nights. And they revealed that they were frustrated by the cancellation with a sudden notice, not the decision to detain the refugees. Ukraine devastated by the war..

They said, “I think some posters are jumping to the conclusion. I don’t think she’s saying she shouldn’t lend to refugees, but giving her no choice and letting her cancel her reservation is a bad idea. I doubt it.

“Honestly, I don’t think she’s going to detain refugees. She’s still making reservations (I just checked). Why she made everyone before it was confirmed that she could detain refugees. Will it be canceled? “”

As Stuntbubbles wrote, people shared their views in the comments. Atrocities come to light Every day is scary, and this isn’t a big deal in comparison. “

The atrocities that are revealed every day are horrifying and this is not very problematic in comparison.

Stunt bubble

Whatalovelydaffodil thought, “I can’t blame her for not being a vacationer and wanting to contain refugees, though I know why it’s annoying to you.”

Douche Canoe said: “Yanbu. Of course, housing refugees are very kind, but if you cancel your reservation everywhere and stop accepting customers, the tourism industry has booked a non-refundable ticket in the area (by any chance, Heramega?).”

Horcruxe believes, “I’m not a refugee. She just found someone to pay more.”

BlooberryBiskits said, “Never cancel and do not contact the company that made the reservation. She must accept the reservation and respect it. It was perfectly correct to present the cost etc. I am very I’m angry. “

The CountessofFitzdotterel thought: “She can’t. It’s great for her to do good things, but she doesn’t sacrifice anyone else.

LardyDee commented: To compensate you. “

Digs Dilemma added: “My son canceled the school residence because the place they were going to go to was used to accommodate refugees. He is 10 years old and is more understanding and compassionate than you.”

The UK launched a housing plan for Ukraine in March. Under this plan, residential refugees nationwide will pay £ 350 ($ 460) per month from the government in exchange for free rent accommodation for a minimum of six months.

The UK Government website states:

“Phase 1 of the scheme allows a UK sponsor to appoint a designated Ukrainian or a designated Ukrainian family to stay at home or in another facility.”

Anyone arriving in the UK under the scheme is allowed to stay for 3 years and anyone interested should record their interests online.

The dog-friendly cottage said Newsweek They didn’t have enough information to comment, but “we were dedicated to providing the best possible customer service.”

Calendar and Ukrainian file photos.
Ukrainian flag and calendar and teddy file photo. Tourists dissipated their anger after the vacation reservations were canceled to accommodate refugees instead.
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