Genting Hong Kong’s new company “do nothing”

The new company has acquired the Genting Dream ship, but claims that Resorts World Cruises is separate from Genting Hong Kong.

“The interim liquidator was unable to revive the (Dream Cruises) brand, so we decided to work with the shipowner, the Chinese lender, to resume the cruise under the Resorts World brand,” said Resorts World Cruises CEO and Executive. Says. Former Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Genting Hong Kong, Director Colin Oh.

“This new brand has nothing to do with Genting Hong Kong. It’s a new cruise brand,” he added.

Mr. Lim and Mr. Oh Resigned as CEO and Deputy CEO of Genting Hong Kong After the cruise operator applied for the termination of the business in January this year, respectively.

Trading in Genting Hong Kong shares has been suspended since January 18th and will be suspended until further notice.

“Genting Hong Kong is in the process of liquidation and (Mr. Lim) has not joined any of the companies in the process of liquidation. This is a new cruise liner under installation,” said Lim’s role in the new company. When asked, Mr. Oh reiterated.

Lim, executive chairman of Resort World Cruises, holds shares in the new company, Oh said.

“This will be an ongoing task within a few weeks, as many people want to join the company and negotiations are underway,” Au said. “We need to make a final decision on this in the next step.” There is. ” several weeks”.

The launch of a new cruise is “for everyone’s purpose”

When asked about when Genting Hong Kong would launch a new ship about six months after it applied for termination, Au said, “Everyone’s goal is to get back to normal … “Possible” to protect employment and support economic growth.

In response to a CNA question, a spokesman for a company said it had rehired about 1,700 former Singapore-based employees. It consists of 1,600 former Genting Dream crew members and approximately 70 former employees of the Singapore office.

March, The Straits Times report At least 60 employees were dismissed from the Singapore office in Genting Hong Kong, with no benefit of reduction.

When asked about the compensation package for rehired employees, Go said it was “experience-based,” and did not provide further details.

Au said the launch of a new cruise will also help increase the revenue of the Singapore Cruise Center.

Keeping in mind the strong market desire for cruises in the region, including Thailand, Malaysia and India, Go said he is confident that Resort World Cruises will be able to meet the demand.

Genting Dream will begin several cruises to locations departing Singapore on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Destination cruises to Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia are scheduled to begin on September 30th.