Passengers boarding the P & O Cruise Ventura in Southampton on Saturday morning were stunned when they found their suitcases swaying around the ocean after rolling the cruise liner. A lifeboat was dispatched to retrieve some of the sticky suitcases.

According to several social media posts, the luggage cage carrying passenger bags was accidentally dropped from the Mayflower Terminal, the oldest terminal in Southampton Cruiseport.

Terri of Hays Travel tweeted: As @pandocruises dropped the luggage cage into the water, a lifeboat was deployed to retrieve a very sticky suitcase !! ”

Lizkeyring commented: “@Pandocruises After a great cruise on Ventura, I noticed that it looked like a case floating on Sorrento from a ship. A lifeboat was launched from a very worried ship!”

Warehouse worker Ally Day, 30, posted a video saying: According to staff, the hoist sent 20 cases into the sea and only 10 cases were recovered. We withdrew our proceeding, but it was really sick for others. “

Bystander images show various luggage floating in the sea.

Another image shows some rescued but wet suitcases sitting on the side of the deck.

read more: Today’s deals: Get a UK or Europe 2-night hotel for less than £ 150 spoke to Johnny, a P & O Cruises Ventura passenger who traveled to Amsterdam, dropped his luggage into the sea, but was recovered.

He states: It was a trip to Amsterdam. We left around 5:30 pm on May 31st and docked around 9:30 am to 10am on June 4th.

“Within minutes of receiving the pre-printed letter about the damaged (not lost) package, I contacted P & O on the same day.

“It happened last, just as we were about to get off the ship.

“The team’s reaction was very bad. We weren’t told anything about the possibility of lost luggage, even if we dragged a half full cage of soaked luggage into the claim area. Nothing was said, and he left without saying a word, “he explained.

“Workers in the claims area didn’t help and said these things would happen.

“The letter stated that I still need to send an email to P & O after filling out the Damage / Loss Claim Form. Otherwise, it will not be investigated.

“We wandered around the claim area for about 30 minutes trying to find it without an offer of help that was even seen by the rest of my family (the other five).

“I received a very standard fairly automatic email response from P & O requesting proof of lost items (although some items such as mechanical watches are old) I also have 2 I called and received one promise. Callback, P & O failed at the time of writing to do this.

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“We still don’t know what really happened,” Johnny said.

“To make matters worse, they fully charged me for the onboard service as expected, but they put £ 355 of my money on hold and I don’t know why.

“It was my first cruise and probably the last in P & O.”

Another passenger, Susanna, commented: Please do not remove it yourself.

“I tried to contact P & O, but it’s very difficult. They are told they are investigating my case and I have to wait up to 28 days.”

P & O confirmed that the case plunged into the sea after the luggage hoist snapped.

A spokesperson for P & O Cruises told yesterday: contacted P & O Cruises again today using Jonny’s account regarding potentially damaged content and whether compensation for accidents is provided.

Ventura can accommodate as many as 3,192 passengers.

One luggage cage can hold about 15 to 20 bags, depending on size and dimensions.

According to The Sun, apparently 20 suitcases were submerged and only 10 were rescued.

Cruise Hive reports that “one passenger or family member may have damaged multiple bags in this case, as bags belonging to the same party are typically in the same cage.”

The incident did not affect the cruise as it departed on time.

The ship was sailing towards Amsterdam for a four-day trip.

The ship has 4 pools, a sports deck, a relaxing spa, excellent dining and children’s facilities.