Record heat waves hit the United States this summer and many of us are sultry without air conditioning, but our wise guys fill a 70 liter pack and plan a long backpacking trip in the high mountains. increase. During the summer downturn, we often open Gaia and Cultpo, following fascinating routes across Rocky Mountain ridges and our hometown of Colorado. We have recently been lucky enough to have a rain that eases the fear of wildfires and allows us to plan longer trips. So, in the spirit of summer, and preferably in the fat monsoon season, the best backpacks out there to take you to the mountains we call true, far away from this 100-degree or higher hell landscape. Homes that provide opinions about packing gear.


Katmai 55 and Kalmia 50

I love Gregory packs for two reasons: durability and suspension. Things are just tanks. They will last forever. The Freefloat 360 Suspension System seals the transaction. Ventilated straps and pads on the mesh keep the air flowing behind your back, keeping you cool and reducing discomfort to your tentmates. The polygene thread that runs throughout the frame is deodorant. Thank you later.

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Aircontact 65 Men’s and Women’s

I’ve heard from friends and staff many times that this pack won’t break. I also like how the frame hugs my hips. It fits snugly without having to like the hotspots offered by some packs. The expandable body gives us room to pack extra extravagant junk on our trip (let’s do the truth-unless you want to treat yourself, 60 liters is enough And we are always grateful for the information Deuter provides on the lid of the pack to flag the plane.

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Aude and Ariel Plus 70

This is the first pack I have ever purchased and it will last forever in my mind. And I’ve been using my gear closet for over 10 years now. Packed with features such as carrying ice tools and how to carry skis, Aether and Ariel Plus prove that overkill is underestimated. These are authentic packs made for everything from backpacking to ski climbing.

Big Agnes

Torchlight UL20 sleeping bag

If you’ve never slept or carried an ultra-lightweight down bag, you’re not serious about what’s missing. Compressibility, warmth-to-weight ratio and comfort are unrivaled. And hey, the fact that your pack weighs 3 or 4 pounds means you can pack extra backpacking gear. Plus, with Torchlight UL, you don’t have to worry about drizzle. Hydrophobic down prevents the insulation from collapsing.

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Magma 15 ° sleeping bag

Another ultra-lightweight mummy-style bag, the Magma 15, keeps you warm in the sneaky Rocky summer snowstorms like last weekend. The Pertex 15 denier shell is slinky, light and incredibly comfortable. It has been popular as a liner fabric for bags for several years.

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Big Agnes

Seed house 2p tent

It’s so versatile that I really like the spacious two-person tent. For a solo trip that wants to lead the Siberian Husky and enjoy a luxurious space and a couple’s vacation, I used a two-person tent like a seed house. Big Agnes tents are one of our favorites because they can strike a balance between lightweight materials and serious durability. Check this out.

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Sea to Summit

Ultralight insulation sleeping mat

If you can sleep on a closed cell foam mat, you are a better outdoor man than we are. We’ve been trying it for years, but inflatables are the way. With a 3.1 R value and light weight (a little over a pound!), This Sea to Summit mat is ideal as a Colorado three-season pad. High-strength fabric prevents sleepless deflationary nights.

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X Ultra Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boots

We weren’t sure for a while about the future of hiking boots in the face of trail runner growth, but lightweight, waterproof boots like Salomon’s X Ultra have changed our minds. Additional ankle support and sole stiffness without heavy weight are essential for rocky trails and heavy backpacking gear.


Magma S Gore-Tex

On the other hand, if you want to move fast and lightweight on rugged terrain, Tecnica’s new Magma S is one of the most exciting trail runners on the market. Built with MTB-worthy sticky rubber and insane shock absorption, these kicks can withstand the most durable hiking boots.


MCT Super Light Trekking Pole

Save your knees and save your soul. Or something like that. But seriously, if you often go out to the mountains by kicking yourself for not bringing trekking poles, you can now afford Kästles. These are Leki’s lightest carbon poles, so you won’t even notice them in the pack and the cork grip feels great in your hand. Seriously, save your knees!


Zeta SL jacket

After spending enough time in the summer, especially in the western mountains, you will begin to notice that most rain husks are overkill. You don’t need 3 layers of Gore-Tex to make an afternoon squall here in Colorado. You just need to get rid of hell from that ridgeline. Arc’teryx understands this and has labeled Zeta SL as an emergency shell for hiking. Wear it in Go mode for about 30 minutes to keep it warm and dry until the storm is over.

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Mountain hardware

Ghost Whisperer UL jacket

An ultra-lightweight down jacket is a heavenly blessing when things go to hell. Combined with the shell, you can shake the Zelt until the cow goes home and the family desperately, but that’s okay. Mountain Hardwear’s Ghost Whisperer delivers incredible warmth and weight ratios. You will continue to think you forgot it in the car while it is in your pack. But in an emergency, it’s there and you’ll be grateful.

Black diamond

Storm 400 headlamp

As the name implies, Storm provides a powerful spotlight of 400 lumens you can trust when the rain hits you all night. Fully weatherproof and offering a wide variety of lighting settings, this light has everything you need and nothing you don’t need.

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Folding water bottle

One of my favorite innovations in recent hiking and mountaineering techniques is the foldable water bottle. Nothing is more painful than a now useless item that still occupies a lot of space in the pack. Drink it, fold it and forget about it until the next step.

Adventure medical kit

Mountain backpacker medical kit

Without a medical kit, you can’t believe how many people go deep into the backcountry. In fact, I’m angry with myself many times. No more. This kit is perfect for those who are trained in WFA, WFR, or basic first aid and will provide party members and strangers with valuable assistance when shit hits a fan. If you bring whiskey as backpacking gear, you can afford to bring one of these.


fēnix 6 – Pro Solar Edition

The last important part of backpacking gear is a high-priced item, but when you need it, you’re very happy to have it. Unlike most GPS smartwatches, you don’t have to worry about battery life. Garmin’s new fēnix 6 has a solar charging surface that will keep you on track for weeks. This is the most exciting innovation in watch technology we have seen in the last few years.