The couple, convinced that they bought a “fake” sunscreen during their vacation, were horrified.

TikToker @laurentyler13 I shared a photo of her trip to Thailand with my boyfriend. She claimed that the sunscreen bottle was incorrectly labeled and contained a moisturizer. Of course, when they got tanned badly, the couple understood it.

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“I and my boyfriend spent time living in Thailand until we bought a fake sunscreen,” captioned. read.. “Fake sunscreen baby Or a child. “

according to @ laurentyler13 It was “a regular lotion sold in sunscreen cream bottles”. On the first day of the trip, the couple used the entire sunscreen bottle, put on their swimsuit and stayed in the sun for only two hours.

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However, every corner of them that was not covered by their clothes turned completely red and tanned. She even had blisters on her shoulders, she said.

“Oh God! This happened to us a few weeks ago. Go to Watson or boots. I don’t trust others,” said the person. I have written..

“Two hours in direct sunlight when you are both very pale is a big mistake.” Another Said, But @ laurentyler13 replied. To be honest, we are constantly applying here for a week. “

“I’ve heard this happened before, but I think it happened to kids,” someone said. Added..

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post The couple reportedly bought a “fake” sunscreen and found it too late during their vacation. First appeared In the know..

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