The past few days have been memorable for Corendon Denmark. The first Danish Korendon flight departed from airports in Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg to Antalya, Turkey.

Collendon Denmark was launched at the end of last year and is off to a breakthrough. Like the Belgians, the Danes have long hesitated on vacation, but most corona measures are a thing of the past, and large reservations are being made again. Corendon Denmark currently offers vacations to Turkey, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Curacao. Behind the scenes, work is being done at new overseas destinations for next winter.

Flying start

At the end of last year, the Corendon Denmark website was released. In addition to the Dutch and Belgian markets, travel organizations are now focusing on travel-loving Danes. Successful marketing campaigns continued at the end of January, centered on new TV commercials. And in addition to online visibility, Corendon Denmark physically participated in the large holiday fair FERIE FOR ALLE 2022 in February.

Launch pride

“”We are proud to have established ourselves as a Danish brand in a short period of time. We successfully presented ourselves to our customers online through the media and performed live during the fair. The foundation is in place and thousands of reservations have already been accepted and we will continue to build from here. Corendon has the advantage of offering quality vacations at competitive prices, and it’s great to see Danish customers now embracing our products.“Deniz Jensen, director of Corendon Denmark, said.

Flexibility with your airline

Danes can now book vacations with Corendon at about 400 different hotels and resorts in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria and Curacao. Of these, a total of eight hotels, including two in Curacao, are owned by Corendon itself. Jensen: “You can adjust your travel time with our own airlines with a wide selection of flight days. For example, you can go on a 9-day or 10-day holiday instead of the standard 7, 14, or 21 days.It gives our customers more flexibility.. Danes can also book vacations with travel organizations to destinations that are not common in the Danish charter market, such as Ibiza and Curacao.

Danish rookie

In Danish advertisements such as TV commercials, “Charlotte” is the face of a travel organization, not the Dutch duo Ko and Don. With a friendly and reliable look, she persuades Danish customers to book a vacation in Corendon.

Monday, April 11, 2022