Most of us when we think about going backpacking Instagrammable vacation destination And an experience that is guaranteed to change our lives without ever considering that this highly beloved form of travel may offer some bad points.


What do you guess by omitting these shortcomings and let yourself go on a disappointing journey? Backpacking is by no means a walk in the park where your friends showed it on their Instagram. Heavy luggage aside, this lifestyle can be one of the most emotionally demanding challenges you face and is the only one to prepare an action plan to undo your trip when backpacking goes bad. I understand that this is an opportunity. We help you do that exactly by considering the three most common backpacking challenges and some simple ways to avoid them.

Small problem of money

Funding is a major concern for backpackers and is guaranteed to be a problem at some point, regardless of budget. Fortunately, this shortcoming is often due to poor planning. In short, a proactive approach before departure is the best way to avoid a struggle. Backpackers, in particular, not only spend time looking for career opportunities on the street before leaving, Immigration lawyer Those who can arrange a work permit in advance will definitely receive the long-awaited boost even with low funds. Similarly, taking a bank card and letting the bank know what’s going on means that further withdrawals are always a last resort option, even in the face of privilege claims. increase.

Accommodation nightmare

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The atmosphere of the community and the realistic basics of hostel life look like a typical backpacking experience, but the reality is often very different. Dirty, unpleasant settings, and the inability to keep the pack safely anywhere can be especially problematic when the entire body hurts. Therefore, it is always worthwhile to book at least some luxury hotel pit stops, especially during a physically difficult journey. It may cost a little more, but when you finally arrive in a private room with air conditioning and a separate shower room, you are guaranteed to thank your past self.

Accept loneliness

Even independent, determined backpackers miss the comfort of their home, friends, and family in the midst of a long trip. To overcome this, it’s important to book as many regular Skype calls as possible and interactions with people returning home.Similarly, take the time to meet fellow backpackers Secure online platform Or a pre-arranged meeting can help prevent that loneliness from snapping excessively to your heels until you are completely settled on your journey.


Backpacking can be life-changing, but it can also be unleashed in a bad experience pretty quickly. By taking these precautions, and by considering the imperfect aspects that backpacking is guaranteed to bring, you are the best to turn your outlook into a positive light on your trip. How to give a chance.