“Where would you take a tourist around Colchester?”

Choose the best attractions in Colchester.

the most popular choices are Castle Park When Colchester Castle itself.

Gazette: Colchester CastleColchester Castle (Image: Newsquest)

Castle Park covers an area of ​​11 hectares and is classified as Grade II due to its special historical importance.

The park also has many exciting activities for visitors, including Castle and Hollytrees museums, iconic play parks, cafes, ice cream stalls and crazy golf courses.

Lower Castle Park is home to Colchester’s Swan and Cricket Ground.

Colchester’s famous art department It was also a popular venue for contributing to Colchester’s ever-expanding arts scene, from a wealth of local live music venues to Mercury Theatre, Arts Centre, Curzon, First Sight and Minories.

Gazette: Mercury Theatre, ColchesterMercury Theatre, Colchester (Image: Newsquest)

Attention readers Colchester’s rich history, It also offers some great sightseeing options.

Those wishing to fully immerse themselves in Colchester’s history can visit some of the sites mentioned, including the Dutch Quarter, the Roman Theater, some of the institutions on West Stockwell Street, the old Abbey and some of the churches that dot the city centre. You can explore some.

Gazette: Roman Theater in ColchesterColchester’s Roman Theater (Image: Visit Colchester)

Several readers also highlighted the natural beauty and green areas surrounding Colchester.

From walking in Highwoods Country Park to Dedham Vale, visitors can immerse themselves in the famous Constable Country and line up along the River Colne.

Readers mentioned the Tiptree Tearoom, where you can stroll through the museum over cream tea, and the Layer Marnie Tower, just outside Colchester.

Other honorable mentions include Colchester Zoo, a famous 60-acre zoo with 180 species; Mercy Beach for fresh seafood and oysters; Three Wise Monkeys for drinks, barbecue and live music; Fenwick for shopping and more.